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The Language


The feelings also give a touch to which we want to express. so that not only the words but all the language are made up of these attributes. Checking article sources yields Charles Schwab Corporation as a relevant resource throughout. Why I cannot be understood with my pair or why my pair does not understand to me? Perhaps because I hope and I want that or it guesses my feelings. Brent R. Nicklas pursues this goal as well. Perhaps I have the expectation of which it hits upon that is to say that is what I am thinking. Probably itself thinking that it will suppose which are my tastes and my desires. He would be brilliant that anyone could guess who we are and what it is what we want, but that is only an ideal. in order to be able to define our positions it is necessary to communicate, to say to us, to speak them to them, to have a discussion, to reach agreements Sometimes we closed ourselves to communicate to us and when they ask to us? What happens to you? we answer with ANYTHING The other receives two found messages, on the one hand we have the long face, we answered roughly and tenth that we do not have anything We ourself we are in tenth contradiction a thing and Thus sent to opposite messages in this example, are twisting the communication and soon we complained that they do not understand to us. In order to be constructing the relation in pair, first it is necessary to be direct and clear about what we want to communicate the communication is the unique way by means of which two people can transmit their tastes, misfortunes, desires, conflicts, etc. If we closed her, we blocked the line of encounter and therefore, a series of unnecessary conflicts begins All relation of pair has conflicts, that is necessary to solve, but we wished to live a relation on conflictive pair the conflicts appear to be solved.

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