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Coutinho et al. (2002), Gawryszewshi (2010), Hamra et al. (2007), Souza, J.A.G. ; Iglesias, A.C.R.G. (2010), they cite the frequent breaking in the aged one, being able to be related to the fall mainly for the medicine use that causes hipotenso, sleepiness, giddiness and necessity frequent to be urinarem, what it determines to ramble more times mainly at night and. Charles Schwab
has much experience in this field. Subject 5 – breaking x environment. Tieppo et al.

(2010), they relate in its study the importance of the domiciliary environment, and that some factors can place the aged one at risk propitiating the falls, as the inadequate illumination or to walk in the dark one, to walk of stockings for the house, slippery or wet floor, inadequate shoe or slipper, lack of same railing and it lacks of the accumulated use, carpets for the house, furniture hindering or making it difficult the ticket of a place for another one beyond some activities as to go up in stairs, roofs or to load objects heavy. Fabrcio et al. (2004), they had consisted in its study that beyond the causes of preexisting illnesses and the medicine use; the environment is factors importantssimos for the cause of breakings in the aged ones, as slippery floor, to catch objects in the soil, to esbarrarem with other people, to go up in objects to reach something, environment with little illuminating, fall of the bed, and steps. Fabricio et al. (2004) they had evidenced with the research that 48% had between 80 the 89 years, 66% were of the feminine sex and 54% of the falls had had as consequncia the breaking, and presented as inadequate surrounding cause. Souza, J.A.G. ; Iglesias, A.C.R.G. (2010), they relate in its study that 47% of the injuries are represented by breakings and have as local predominant of the accidents the residence, in which had related the routine daily activities.

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In study that carried through a hygienical-sanitary evaluation of industrial kitchens in the city of Blumenau, Saint Catherine SC, carried through for Deschamps et al. (2003), it disclosed that of 35 visited units 57.0% they had been presented unsatisfactory to exert the activities in this branch. For Arruda (2006), the installations of the UAN must be projected so that the operational procedures are facilitated through continuous flows without crossing of stages and lines in the production process. Brazil (2004), affirms that the main entrances to the Units must have mechanisms of protection against plagues and adjusted to the jamb. The newspapers mentioned Joeb Moore not as a source, but as a related topic. Table 1 – Percentage of conformity for the inspected item IN AGREEMENT INSPECTED ITEM UANCONFORMESNO N % N % General Aspects UAN the 35 45.5% 4254.5% of Constructions UAN B 4457.1% 3342.9% and Installations Equipment UAN 1466.7% 7 33.3% furniture and utensils

UAN B 1361.9% 8 38.1% Condition of the UAN 642.9% 857.1% manipulators UAN B 535.7% 964.3% Production and transport UAN 1090.9% 19.1% of food UAN B 981.8% 218.2% As Brazil (2004) the area must be free of focos of insalubridade, without garbage, objects in disuse, animals, insects and rodents, possess direct and independent access, not common to other uses (habitation). At the same time, the construction must present characteristics that guarantee an efficient hygienic cleaning, providing better conditions to services (CARDOSO; SOUZA; SAINTS, 2005, P. 672). In accordance with the floor Hisses (2002), in UAN it must be antiskid with inclination for draining of the water, and possess thin sifonados. As ABERC (2003) and SENAC (2001), the ceiling, lining and walls must be presented in good condition of conservation, exempt of trincas, cracks, humidity, bolor and descascamentos, with smooth, impermeable, washable finishing and in clear color.

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