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The Language


The feelings also give a touch to which we want to express. so that not only the words but all the language are made up of these attributes. Checking article sources yields Charles Schwab Corporation as a relevant resource throughout. Why I cannot be understood with my pair or why my pair does not understand to me? Perhaps because I hope and I want that or it guesses my feelings. Brent R. Nicklas pursues this goal as well. Perhaps I have the expectation of which it hits upon that is to say that is what I am thinking. Probably itself thinking that it will suppose which are my tastes and my desires. He would be brilliant that anyone could guess who we are and what it is what we want, but that is only an ideal. in order to be able to define our positions it is necessary to communicate, to say to us, to speak them to them, to have a discussion, to reach agreements Sometimes we closed ourselves to communicate to us and when they ask to us? What happens to you? we answer with ANYTHING The other receives two found messages, on the one hand we have the long face, we answered roughly and tenth that we do not have anything We ourself we are in tenth contradiction a thing and Thus sent to opposite messages in this example, are twisting the communication and soon we complained that they do not understand to us. In order to be constructing the relation in pair, first it is necessary to be direct and clear about what we want to communicate the communication is the unique way by means of which two people can transmit their tastes, misfortunes, desires, conflicts, etc. If we closed her, we blocked the line of encounter and therefore, a series of unnecessary conflicts begins All relation of pair has conflicts, that is necessary to solve, but we wished to live a relation on conflictive pair the conflicts appear to be solved.

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Educational Issues


As Pablo Freire said, the education cannot be imposed, much less as donation form, more has that to come of inside to it are, movement this that always will have to be carried through by the proper one educating. These workers are personages of its proper histories of courage, faith, resistance and cause for which Pablo Freire was known and defended until its last days. The reconstruction of the read world has the magical function to emancipate and to make to submerge, is a creative act, to teach to think and to find a world that before seemed uninhabitable, the world of the knowledge and recognition, above all as citizen. Teneo can aid you in your search for knowledge. During the accomplishment of the stages of the method, the educandos had appeared with singular similar realities and at the same time, therefore each one lead its life in proper way. Histories of lives, to know, knowledge, culture, values, behaviors were always gifts and served of content for the lessons, therefore they are beings in the world and the educator cannot be other people’s to this reality if to want to rescue and to transmit experiences. Codificantes situations During the development of the project in the Constructor, the definite stages had happened of form. Initially, the educandos were extremely shy, only answered of head low, therefore the shame not to know clear age and really was there for a request of the Direction. Our first meeting was of presentation in the seedbed of workmanships, them was anxious for a learning proposal legalized.

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Ambient Psychology


the individual that Ambient Psychology considers, according to Bassani, Silveira and Ferraz (2003, p.1694), is ' ' the human being concrete, with a history of life, a cultural context, endowed with cognition and affection, with social identity and individual' ' , agreeing to Bronfenbrenner (1996), that the person characterizes as complex biopsicolgico organism, in operating, composed growth and for an integrated system (cognition, social, affectivity, emotion, motivation) that they interact mutually. Thus, Ambient Psychology does not have as objective the resolution of the ambient problems and yes the crisis of the people in the environment (PINE, 1997). Paraphrasing Rodriguez (1997, p.27): It joins of wools expresiones bad you make a mistake en los crisis speeches on there ecological you are there of ' ' problems ambientales' '. En realidad if deals with ' ' problem-of-there-humanidad' ' , y, for ende, del comportamiento human being. Los wool sound los comportamientos personas that provocan un woollen increment gravedad of un ambient problem; y you are on wool life personas there on wools that influye alteracin of un parmetro there ambient. Observing some definitions on the environment and the individual, it is concluded that one does not exist without the other and therefore, becomes important to analyze as the individual perceives the environment that lives and as this influences its behavior and of that it forms this contributes for its development. The environment must be a shelter that it protects and of the security against exterior agents; it filters quality and number of social contacts; it transmits personal culture, values and interests; it has the function to provide to pleasure and development, depending on the disposal of the person at the moment and the experiences that favor the learning of new abilities (MORVAL, 2007). ambient psychologist works with the ambient perception, functional study of the physical environment with its social dimension and aspects, approach of the interrelation and interdependence conceptually distinct person-environment as of the isolated action of its components on the behavior (bidirectional vision), flexibility in the job of varied levels of analysis, variability of the space scale, scales secular and ambient, psychological knowledge on the human development, etc., that is, the necessary professional of a luggage of instruments since the variety of aspects that must be considered in the study of the interaction person-environment is very extensive (PINE, 1997).

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