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In Good Shape – Arzberg Porcelain


Fresh impetus in the enterprise IT for an increase in productivity of Karlsruhe, 08.12.2010 – the company IT consisting of many Islands joined the Arzberg-Porzellan GmbH at their borders, turned on the search for a new, highly integrated ERP software. She should especially flexible to adapt, for the various corporate divisions list on the ever-changing requirements of quality porcelain manufacturer and generate analyses in controlling, investment protection and future-proof. The SteinhilberSchwehr AG had the most persuasive arguments with the abas business software and was awarded the contract. So far everything goes according to plan in the methodical implementation. The real start of the ERP software is scheduled for early 2011. The trademark Arzberg uncompromising, high quality has top priority at Arzberg-Porzellan GmbH.

The 1887 based company produces porcelain in the Bavaria Schirnding in a timeless and distinctive design. State of the art technical know-how as well as the experience and skill of 240 Staff is reflected in every single part of porcelain design “Arzberg”, which stands for good, durable and aesthetically perfect design worldwide and the brand “Schirnding”, which also belongs to the company. Enterprise IT reaches its limits which previously in Arzberg used enterprise IT consists of many different and independently working programs. A private accounting, for example, which is connected only via an interface with the ERP system. This has the consequence that some data be maintained double and triple must, in addition, a manual transfer is time in the other system – and error-prone. These are then also some of the reasons for Arzberg, to look for a new ERP software. Klaus Dietz, longtime head of IT at Arzberg sees further: “our ERP system running a proprietary server reaches its limits.

The software is no longer developed by the manufacturer. In addition, the possibilities are now the system to customize nearly exhausted. Of a standard, nothing more can be.” Acute need for action was all in all, and so turned to the search for a new system.

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