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SCC Dense


MH – pyrite weathering zone, shell rock, quartz-slate sericite, sandy slate is weak, salt rock, fine-grained flask, marl breccia, limonite, hard coals. C – limestone, siltstone, mudstone, conglomerates, sedimentary rocks, sandstones, unconsolidated, dolomite, shale weathered, shale and carbonaceous ocher, charcoal, medium strength. Weathered basalt, diabase, gabbro, pegmatite, porphyry, amphibolites, and tuffs. W – weakly silicified compact limestones, silicified clay schists, slates metamorfirovannye, arkosic sandstone, magnesite. Weathered fractured granite, porphyry, granodiorite, quartz rocks – albitophyre, purple.

T – albitophyre, beresites dense basalts, porous, dolomite, limestone fine-grained, dolomitized, very dense, silicified shale, siderite liparites fine-grained, siliceous mold, mica-bearing pegmatites, porphyry tuffs, tuff breccias albitophyre, tufopeschaniki, phyllites, phosphates dense silicified. TK – albitophyre quartz, apatite beresites silicified, diabase large and medium-grained, gabbro, diorite, solid, medium-grained dunites, silicified limestone, medium-thick sandstone, silicified siderite, peridotite, silicified serpentine, beresites dense gabbroamfibolity, gneiss and medium-grained, silicified dolomite, limestone silicified, quartzites with sulfides, magnesium silicified, mica-bearing pegmatites, pyroxenites, medium-grained porphyry, syenite medium-, titanium-rock phosphates silicified. SCC – Basalts and medium- fine-grained, fine-grained gabbro, granite, fine-grained, fine-grained granodiorite, gneiss biotite gneiss pyroxene gneiss with quartz, jaspilites dense, fine-grained diabase, diorites, silicified, siliceous limestones, pegmatites weak sandstone siliceous dense, purple quartz, porphyry, fine-grained, ferruginous hornfels, a dense granular syenites, nepheline syenite, shale siliceous yashmovidnye. K – Albitophyre silicified, andesites and basalts of the dense, thick diabase and gabbro, granites, coarse-to medium-grained, quartzite, sandstone quartz porphyry and hornfels dense, silicified skarn, jasper. OK – andesites drain, jaspilites drain, quartzite, flint, flushing mikrokvartsity, magnetite-hornblende hornfels, magnetite skarns silicified, titanium-magnetite drain rock, jasper drain. Chisels with milled tines recent years, nomenclature of the drill bit through the development of extended range of bits from the open (not encapsulated), support for high-speed drilling of deep oil and gas wells.

These bits can be used in drilling in coal mines, for drilling for water exploration drilling, civil construction. Sizes cone bits with milled teeth includes a drill bit diameters from 76 to 660 mm. Produced five main types of drill bits with milled teeth: M, MS, S, ST, T Weapons made in the form of teeth milled into the body of cutter. The first cone (the highest) has a full main cone and the top of the teeth is destroyed central zone of the bottom hole. The other two cutters are made in the form of truncated cones and tops have side and rear surface of the milled tooth bits in order to increase their longevity and the prevention of premature wear of the grain hard metal overlay. Bits Carbide Plug ZUBKOV Sizes cone bits with carbide weapons includes chisel with a diameter of 76 to 660 mm. Produced six major brands of drill bits with carbide teeth for drilling in the petroleum industry, geological exploration and construction: MZ, NE, TK, SCC, K, and OK. The working part of each type of drill bit is adapted to optimal performance in specific geological conditions. Roller cone type MZ, MRZ, 03, TK and SCC, designed for drilling rocks with abrasive, equipped with body pressed into the cone , which have sharpened porodorazrushayushuyu surface. Roller cone type K and OK on all the crowns have teeth made of hard alloy with a spherical surface of the rock cutting. Height Carbide cloves and step on the Viennese maximal in bits designed for drilling soft rock and changes to a minimum of bits for very hard rocks. The rear of the cone reinforced teeth with flat end (calibration, protection), pressed flush with the body cone, and back pads and visors can be naplavleny granular carbide and (or) are reinforced with carbide teeth.

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