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Ornaments for the Home


It is said that art is a process of experimentation rather than fact. a broad semiotic criticism, moralizing repetition or transmitted, in this case, images. What is really characteristic of the exposure, what gives it its identity, the game ends expressive: David Lachapelle has many messages for the public, but plays with them in two particular ways that are so obvious that borders on the pragmatic and the resort to such an extent that almost falls into the surreal. Although these terms may actually be a little wrong, as neither pragmatic nor surrealist work described Lachapelle, the idea is how, through their aesthetic decadent show us what our world either directly or forcing you to think. Consumerism, fanaticism, idolatry and other erroneous messages in a society are printed on paper, when recorded permanently in the Photographer’s digital film. Still, this does not detract from the aesthetic of his creations. The colors are a repetitive and endlessly exploited in the works in this exhibition Lachapelle. Bright colors, harmonies class visual and degraded are just some of the elements that give new meaning to the expression of “painting with light.” Also, part of the theatrical art. In towards the baroque spirit, the exhibition presents an excess of ornamentation and a theatricality so exacerbated that, taken together, create a strong magnetism for the viewer’s eye can be lost in the expressions of the characters and try to find their way back into the saturation of the pictures. Yet, leaving aside some exercise in semantics and landing on its own aesthetic perceptions of the exercise of the picture, we can find plenty of material for analysis.

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