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Recommendations For The Care Of The Interior. Carpet Cleaning, Laundry


On carpets, curtains and soft furnishings interior cozy home is difficult to imagine without carpets, curtains and upholstered furniture. Silk and wool carpets, curtains design work, furniture, as an attribute of comfort and style, have become part of our life. Silk carpets handmade especially exquisite and beautiful. Thin and strong silk thread, weaving the carpet in intricate and delicate patterns with a high density, forming an artistic ornament in the hands of a master weaver. Hand woven carpets, not as refined as silk, but they retain heat and is preferable in northern latitudes. Woolen carpets are especially distinguished Persian rugs with the addition of silk thread, which gives clarity and beauty of design wool rug. Curtains design work creating the special atmosphere in the house, you can create your own style.

Modern materials for curtains are very diverse. This is a tight silk velvet, and thin organza, cotton and air. A wide variety of colors and tones, texture of the material allows designers to create upon request, any artistic compositions of curtains in the interior. Upholstered furniture leading Factories different variety of styles and upholstery materials. Textile upholstery in silk, cotton, leather, nubuck, and many other materials can pick up furniture to your taste and taking into account the style of interior. Complements and organizes the residential and office space. On the dry cleaning of carpets, curtains, upholstered furniture handmade carpets require careful professional care specialist cleaning. Regular cleaning of carpets will help for a very long time to keep paint and carpet pile in its original form.

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Furniture to Maintain Order


Ensure that a juvenile bedroom stays the order, it is almost impossible for many parents. If you have a teenage son surely you know what it is. The disorder in a youth room is something usual and although parents may request that the problem is reversed soon, things return to be out of place. However, while it might seem that cannot be anything to change the situation, it is somewhat possible. Youth rooms clothing usually the main problem since you can find clothes for the entire room. The solution to this is to get those juvenile furniture that allow a proper storage of clothing, and can organize each garment quickly and easily. Once achieved youth furniture, you will notice the change quickly.

That Yes, it is important to avoid filling the room with furniture that is not used or which cannot be used with comfort for lack of space. For example because the cabinet doors cannot be opened wide. Take your time to make a good choice furniture. If you don’t already want to find socks here and there, even in the study that there is in the room, take advantage of the space as surely it exists under the bed. Placing crates in that place, you will have storage spaces extras that allow you to organize for example tights. A drawer for tights in colors and one for the colours could be used. This ensures that your child not desordenara when you try to get the couple who wants to. And still you can make drawers a place more organized if you place them tags to identify what they have inside.

Within the different lines of youth furniture you will have many options to choose the ideal closet for the bedroom of his son. What is the best? The one that has enough storage space and that does not occupy much space. It is thus that a cabinet with sliding doors would be a very good choice. To have more extra storage spaces, place sleeves with pockets in the bar or on the door. Hangers that are used have to be of good quality, that is, resistant since if they are not, possibly breaking a short time due to the weight of jackets and coats. If the Cabinet that it chooses is too high for your child, will need a ladder. Keep the order of shoes also is somewhat complicated and why that should be a shoemaker to save them. If you have concerns do not look well because it is not be a juvenile furniture, relax. You will find beautiful modules that are incorporated in a cabinet that has shelves and drawers. Thus in addition to order, will prevent those who have odor inside the Cabinet. If it considers that they are few furniture for both that there is that maintaining an orderly can acquire other type of furniture but remember do not fill the room of unnecessary juvenile furniture. For dirty clothes, place a basket of a small cabinet with doors. If you implement these changes, the clothes will remain in place and the order will be returned.

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High Chair And Cot Classicism


High Chair and cot classicism for each of the architecture of the ancient times as an inspiration took on furniture of classicism as a counter-movement to Rococo and Baroque forms. Perhaps check out Jonathan Segal FAIA for more information. They tried to develop a self-contained forms canons. Against the absolutist courts of Germany and France were enlightened aristocracy and European middle class looking for own expressions in interior design and architecture. In return to motifs of Graeco-Roman antiquity, in understated dense jewelry, found this in simple Mass ratios. The first archaeological excavations at that time, the motifs of Graeco-Roman antiquity became popular.

Writers, painters and architects traveled to Italy and Greece, propagated the study of antiquity as the basis of the comprehensive education ideal. This reference from antiquity found its expression in fashion, painting, interior decoration and architecture. Especially during the reign of Napoleon in France, the courtly presentation after antiques Role models in life called. Although she began before the reign of Louis XVI in 1774, and the first furniture already originated in this time, titled the first phase of the French classicism as a Louis XVI-style. Through a wide range of subject, Greek ancient and Italian influences came to bear in this style. However, this was reflected in the overall shapes.

The furniture was simple and geometric shape. Round, oval and rectangular shapes were worn by tapered, straight legs, which were either round or square in cross-section. Architectural motifs like Corinthian, ionic and Doric forms, pattern bands made of brass of the medallions and related details were attached. In English classicism, the interest in inlay work was that in the Rococo period seemed totally extinct revived. In addition, painted furniture in fashion came into English classicism. In design books, suggestions for new forms of furniture and ornaments have been disseminated as classicism spoke to more and more people. To the Needs of art Carpenter, who worked in a neoclassical style, fit the furniture books cabinet maker”and Upholsteres Guide” by George Hepplewhite (Hepplewhite style) to the traditional English and French designs. Either the neo-classical designs in England by Thomas Sheraton were created or by Hepplewhite himself.

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“Behave yourself” well, I’ll give you candy. ” One of my favorite phrases in parent education. Here he writes about it, so Hohel. It is known that the expression of anger, like the other senses, it is natural for a baby who screaming or crying, requires the presence of the mother when it is not enough food, warmth and communication. However, growing up, the child is often faced with the fact that his feeling uncomfortable around him, and learns to repress them, instead of learn how to transform it. From infancy adults can punish children for the expression of joy (“Sit on the seat and not jerk!”), Fear (“do not be ashamed – so big, and afraid!”), Anger (“stop crying, and then take the belt” “How do you talk with parents ). rify these questions. Click bruce flatt to learn more.

Instead teach them to show emotion in a way that does not suffer from neither they nor others (unfortunately, most parents are not able to teach this child, because do not know how to do it yourself). But when a child is angry, for it is natural to cry, scream, or try one – it hit – it should be its nature, because they do not know how to suppress their feelings. However, being punished for such behavior, he soon finds that his feelings are bad and should be in every way to hide or ignore. Not being able to openly express such anger, such a child in the future becomes touchy, irritable and often vindictive to other people – or he has lived with guilt for having experienced that – then the “bad”.

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Bag Chair, Chair Pear, Poof, Frameless Furniture


Bag chair (chair pear) and poof, as a kind of frameless furniture, not only original but also the right gift for comfortable work and recreation, and for the kids! Due to the lack of internal skeleton, this furniture takes the form your body, thus helping to reduce the load on the spine. Armchair pear and puff can become an indispensable addition to your holiday. You can bring your imagination to create the perfect seat bag. These chairs offers a large selection of execution of the fabric or leather. Optionally, you can make a chair a cloth bag with a children's coloring or decorate various children's applications, brand name, make a stripe favorite sports club, as well as warning, to make a unique baby gift – a toy bag chair, his favorite cartoon character. Nowadays it is impossible to imagine a modern home without chair-beds or chairs.

They simply we need! First, the chairs give our interior comfort and convenience. Secondly, it's nice to sit in a comfortable chair after a hard day working or shopping. And agree, a good chair should be soft, comfortable, safe and beautiful. There are many types of seats: just a chair, wooden chair, chair bed, withdrawable chair, massage chair and many other types of chairs. We want to invite you to experience a state of complete peace in our models frameless furniture. This unusual and modern design chair can make a recovery in the interior of your apartment. For both children and adults alike.

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