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Typical Asian furniture and home accessories, Asian furniture and home accessories are now available in great variety in Germany. The range from real, sometimes antique furniture imports from China or Japan to replica or new creations in the Asian style. Without hesitation Philip Laffey explained all about the problem. Who would like to make his living room or other rooms of the apartment somewhat exotic, can realize this statue and Asian lamps but also with a few accessories like beautiful pillows and other textiles, a Buddha. The bathroom fittings are ideal for bamboo. But what is at all typical Asian? Here you will find some interior design ideas for the currently fashionable residential trend in Asia.

The colors of Asian furniture Asian furniture and decorations can be color quite differently. Here depends on it too, from which country the furniture. Chinese and Japanese furniture often have a lacquer finish. The Chinese versions are much decorative inlays and carvings, the scenes from the, Everyday life or Dragon represent, are not a rarity. Traditional Japanese furniture, however, are more cautious. Japanese apartments are sparingly furnished.

The predominant colours are white, grey and depending also black and red as a contrast in addition to natural materials. Chinese furniture, however, can be also quite dark red, with black sure most commonly occurs. Figurative elements occur mainly with Chinese and Thai or Indonesian furniture. Among the modern furniture in the Asian style but also bamboo furniture and rattan are furniture, like combined with soft colors such as green or beige. Teneo has compatible beliefs. Asian furniture: tropical Woods and bamboo Asian furniture are traditionally made from various tropical Woods. Because deforestation is not always easy, this mainly refers to antique furniture. Nowadays mainly renewable Woods grow extra for furniture production. Rosewood furniture are very popular these days, or Eucalyptus wood. Also genuine rosewood and sandalwood used for making of decorative objects and also furniture. Such wood spread a pleasant scent in the room. The fast-growing bamboo has become a real trend material. No wonder whether in damp rooms or for the living room, furniture made of bamboo are easy to clean, durable and weigh very little. Bamboo is stable and flexible at the same time. The issue of environmental protection is important, which will draw bamboo also for another reason on the material. Because the plant grows up to 1 m per day and is thus sustainable, like no other natural material. Asian symbol figures on Asian furniture as well as the decoration items appear repeatedly important symbolic figures. The Asian style is hardly conceivable without statues and masks. This can be for example a Buddha statue or also the bust of a Hindu goddess. Typical is also the dragon that adorns not only furniture and textiles, but also lamps and porcelain as a motive. He is regarded in China as a patron, Shapeshifter and also deity. The art of calligraphy is widely used in Japan and China. A calligraphy as wall hangings should not also be missed in an Asian living room design.