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Estonia is conveniently located on the shores of the Gulf of Finland. This is a very small country. The total population is barely half a million inhabitants. In the capital of Estonia – Tallinn lives of merely four hundred thousands of people. However, this small country, barely discernible on the world map, has a huge cultural and historical values. The first written mention of Tallinn – the capital of Estonia belongs to the 12 century. During its long history, the city has changed several names. So, in the Scandinavian sources Tallinn called Lindanise (accented on the first syllable), and in the Russian chronicles – Candy.

Scandinavian Lindanise – it is nothing like an echo of the ancient the epic hero of ancient Estonian Kalev and his wife, Linda, Lindanise – a land of Linda. Origin of the same Russian name Candy is still a mystery. Another name for the city – Revel. Russian guides nineteenth century, invites travelers to "Revel in the Water '. In those days the city was a fashionable seaside resort. Meaning of the name Revel is unknown, but from ancient times the land north of Estonia was called Reval.

The modern name the city has to do with the period of Danish rule. Tallinn literally means 'Danish town' In 1997, the Old Town of Tallinn for its unique medieval appearance was listed by unesco in the World list of world heritage. Spirit of the Middle Ages is not leaving the city in Estonia, and to this day. Talented architects, pondering his next project, seeking to combine the current trends of construction with the appearance of medieval cities. Enterprising restaurateurs name their drinking establishments names of real historical figures. Thus, the traditions of the past is transformed into a new time and the history of special attention.

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