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Installing Metal Doors


The construction of metal doors will depend on their destination. Structural reinforcements will have the doors of the elite class, or special doors podvyshennoy protection in case of fire. Other types of metal doors will have a similar standard construction, to which a sheet of metal or steel of thickness from a half to three millimeters. For doors standard design uses thick sheets in half a millimeter. This thickness is sufficient to security and integrity of conventional metal doors. In the manufacture of armored doors used thicker sheets of steel, which, combined with heavy construction creates a solid protection to any room.

The quality of products, of course, depends largely on the reputation of the manufacturer. That is why all the cup buyers of metal doors are increasingly prefer products made in our country. Firstly, such products are created in response to a specific environment and conditions of the construction taken from us. Secondly, they are much better than their counterparts in China, which have not come much cheaper, but tend to deform at the stage of installation. When ordering metal door should not skimp on the purchase of products with additional layers of internal filler, and also seals, located along the lateral surface of the door frame. Once stinted on them, you still have further to ensure that the installation on the door of supplementary materials, improving their sound-proof and insulating properties of the climatic conditions of our country is a necessity. More as heat and sound insulation door ready to be worth very expensive, and will bring a lot more hassle than buying quality of finished products. Finishing, chosen for metal doors is totally dependent on customer preferences. However, it is worth noting that at present very popular finish for metal doors different materials on the outer and inner side. This way of processing the doors will save the customer’s funds, as well as provide long door integrity and decent appearance. When choosing doors particular attention is paid to the their fittings, which go to the main load and the operation of the door. Experts advise choosing high quality door furniture and the most simple design. Fittings, which has such characteristics serve long enough, and during the operation never fails. Installation of metal doors must comply with experts knowledgeable about the features of the installation of this type of door. It is therefore advantageous order the metal doors at companies that offer and sale of doors, and fulfillment services for their subsequent installation. The specialists of these companies not only perform the full range of work required for installation door, but if necessary, reinforce the door frame or to fill the gaps between it and the wall of a special sealing material. In any case, the door made a reputable company and set its employees will be operated for a long time without problems.

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Parquet Floor


Parquet floor, sooner or later will need to be repaired. Repairs may be needed for many reasons. This restoration and functional properties of the floor, and its aesthetic characteristics. Repair flooring is primarily in the regular replacement of varnish. Need to replace the lacquer coating occurs every 5-8 years, but much depends on the intensity of pressures on him from the family structure, presence or absence of pets. Naturally, if the female part of the family slippers prefer shoes with high heels hot, the service life of parquet flooring is much reduced. To repair was not too complicated, do not allow complete erasure of lacquer floor. Availability trodden paths on the surface of flooring highlights the need for polishing and coating of parquet lacquer.

When sanding the parquet floor of the lacquer coating is removed. If parquet markedly damaged, remove a thin (0,3-0,5 mm) layer of wood. The service life of flooring depends on the thickness of the wear layer parquet planks. With constant care and careful handling with parquet floor, he will serve at least 100 years. Grinding refers to the gentle methods of care for the parquet floor, as opposed to sanding. Therefore, unless you want to remove highly noticeable damage flooring, it is better to use a grinding machine. Sanding and varnishing can only produce on the open floor space in the event that in the near future, you're not going to move furniture. This will speed up the flow of repair work and make them more affordable and easy.

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