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Stuttgart Tuesday


The measures are taken, are often not well thought out or wrong. Instead to make infrastructure is rather trying to manage the deficiency. In detail, following results are in our 8 cities has been made: the German TOP storage cities 1 Stuttgart 33% – NOTE 6 2 Hamburg 32% – NOTE 5 3 Berlin 28% – NOTE 4 4 Cologne 26% – NOTE 4 5 Munich 24% – NOTE 3 6 Frankfurt am Main, Germany 22% – NOTE 3 7 Dusseldorf 18% – NOTE 2 8 Bremen 17% – NOTE 2 of this ranking list, that the journey time for 33% longer is due to traffic in Stuttgart in the average, as if the traffic can flow freely. In Hamburg, Germany by 32%, in Berlin by 28%, etc. throwing we a closer look at the individual cities and metropolitan areas: STUTTGART – 33%: are the worst days of storage and storage times in Stuttgart Tuesday evening and Thursday morning. Monday morning, however, is comparatively storage arm in Stuttgart.

Driving during rush hour, it takes for the same route 38 minutes longer. And a commuters, who has a 30-minute route, delay attributed to the year, must reckon with a total of 89 hours. NOTE 6 HAMBURG – 32%: the longest standing in Hamburg on Monday morning and Friday evening in a traffic jam. Most zugigsten, it is most Monday evenings and Friday morning ahead. You need here 31 minutes longer during the rush hour.

And counted on the year, a commuters should expect delay 78 hours. NOTE 5 BERLIN – 28%: on Thursday evening and Monday mornings accumulates it in Berlin the most. On Monday evening and Friday morning, however, the streets are relatively free. You must schedule 27 minutes longer at rush hour times and a commuters here is 71 hours in a traffic jam. NOTE 4 Cologne – 26%: are the main phases of storage here Friday evening and Monday morning.

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