Italian Country

Probably each of us home is a place where we rest from their labors and gaining strength. The interior of our house, its atmosphere should help in achieving this goal. What holiday could be better than a soft striped chair in where you can get with a book, and warm shades of orange on a rainy day when you do not want to leave the house? If you close the philosophy behind your comfortable home, then go in search of wicker furniture, wooden cabinets and drawers with a touch of antiquity, beds with carved headboards, concise tables and chairs. It all together – the style of country music. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Jeffrey Lacker has to say. Country in translation from English – the village, the countryside. The furniture in country style – woven or wooden, with unpolished surfaces. It is spread traditional for this style way – very relaxed. "Roughness" of furniture can be mitigated pretty trinkets and interior accessories, saturated colors.

Country style is perfect for a country house design, but its main features can be reproduced well in a modern apartment. These days, country said goodbye to the naive simplicity of the village and became more sophisticated and elegant, while retaining the main advantages – the lack of pretentiousness, softness, romance, closeness to nature. A special place in this style is textiles. For a country characterized by natural materials, often used linen, cotton. Colors – Cage, bar, and, of course, a bright summer flower ornament variety of colors.

Better use of close to nature paint: green, terra cotta, ocher, the color aqua, blue clear sky, the color of natural wood and soft-pink sunset. The main condition – the color should be pleasing to the eye and do not be gloomy. This is sort of the motto of country-style colors. If you want to design its interior in the style of the country, the first thing to note – the walls and floor. Walls can be painted in a plain natural color. If you are using wallpaper, then they must choose a striped, with understated geometric or floral pattern. Parquet flooring, solid wood, fruit and exotic trees will help create a lively and sophisticated atmosphere in your home. The next step in creating our interior design – furniture. Fine, if you remained prababushkiny wardrobes and chests of drawers. They can restore a little remake and they will last many years, decorating the house and giving it personality. If the "antiques" does not get you to inherit – does not matter. Interior design showrooms will offer country-style furniture, construction of modern factories – the French, British, Italian, German. Last and very important touch – textiles. Hang at the windows bright cheerful curtains that create a sense of summer in the room and your mood. Place a table on a snow-white lace tablecloth. Lay on the couch colorful pillows. In the rural interior looks great live green. Put on the windowsills and floor ceramic pots with green plants and vases with fresh flowers. Country style does not like the geometric definition, easy to "mess" with an abundance of sun flowers, vases, paintings, greenery, pillows and simple furniture will not irritate the eyes, rather the opposite – calm. The quest for coziness, peace and tranquility – the red thread in the canvas of country style. And how can a comfort to go out of fashion?

The Property

The property had a great house, in which the owners liveed, today already in ruin, but many old furniture, exactly with the time, conserves its beauty, all covered by great amount of dust, therefore, since the mysterious disappearance of the owners, nobody already more entered in the house. The current owner, a very distant relative, who had inherited the property, liveed outside of the property, in another city, never wanted to live in the house, will construct another one, however, was even so, therefore he said that the property was badly haunted and nobody obtained to live there. E, many other histories: witchcrafts, disappearances of children, had been counted for the old employees, today, many already deceased and others had left the property. They count that in nights of little moon a left-hand side figure was seen twirling the area, equal that day. The girl, who shrunk by its friends to far, was taken by a great fear. A cold wind folloied by howl made a long it will come quickly, a great catacumbal calafrio ran its body all, it, leaned there, saw close to the fence a black shade of a motionless man looking at for it, at this moment, the forces had disappeared to it, its voice does not leave, when it tried to run, the figure with a jump of hunting wolf jumped in the front of the girl and the body all covered it with a black blanket, for instinct and in the last one to breathe it gave an shout.

Its friends, who ran of a side for the other, had stopped scared when they had heard the shout. Perplexos had been per some stopped minutes, congealed of fear. But, one of the boys, oldest, with sixteen years, gave an shout, therefore it remembered the girl, ran until the place of where the shout had vido, but when arriving it did not find nobody, the girl had disappeared.


This article deals with the civil construction from cares with aecologia, in special, constructing an ecological house, without still attacking omeio surrounding and using to advantage residues and rubbish, or materialreciclado. Our general objective is to investigate the materialreciclado use of in the construction of houses and habitations, as well as identifying quetipos of recycled materials decasas and habitations can be used in the construction; to know recycling techniques that can help to naconstruo of houses and habitations; to contribute for the debate entretericos and searching of the subject; to discover that types of materiaispodem to serve of substance cousin in the recycling for the civil construction denovas houses and habitations. Our strategy of the research was empricabibliogrfica, making possible the study of the considered subject to break daanlise of different authors and diverse bibliographical sources. Joeb Moore & Partners is often mentioned in discussions such as these. Bibliographical Apesquisa assisted the reflection on the diferentesperspectivas of the construction of houses with recycled material. After this, will be made the analysis and interpretation of the gotten results, atravsdos adopted theoretical referenciais. A leading source for info: Sam Pollock. With the crossing of the data, serpossvel to contextualizar the subject that deals with the construction of houses ehabitaes with recycled material. Currently with this ambient crisis, the world-wide concern this directed toward the environment, mainly the relation of the man with the nature, pollutant relation lixos, gases, companies and others. These problems are taking dimensions considerable, therefore the man this perceiving that it is if becoming a threat for the planet and the proper species, it uncontrols for it and abuse of the exploration of the natural sources. Of this form the administration, for giving subsidies that evidence the changes in the patrimony of the company, has the capacity of assisting the managers in the conseguimento of the economic-sustainable increment (PAIVA 2007). The Environment in many situations is considered as the set of natural resources and its Inter-relations with the beings livings creature, being common to associate this everything only to the call ' ' verde' ' of the landscape, the nature and wild life, forgetting them resources livings creature known currently.

Web Furniture

To change of house is a complicated task and implies a great investment, and to prepare it several factors are due to consider to obtain a good result. If one is in this situation, to perhaps it interests to know how him how to make of his new house an pleasant home. Based on certain elections, like for example, that the furniture is in harmony among them or who the color of the walls and the decoration have good harmona, their house it can have an atmosphere sad or to turn out to be a site tuna and adapted to his needs. If one inquires and aseosra suitably, this task that can be somewhat complicated, can become an pleasant way and great results can report him. In order to help in the election of the suitable furniture its new house, we want to detail next some ideas to him to consider.

If it does not want to be with problems after to have bought some furniture that implies a style and a composition to him in particular, it must consider which wants to invest to prepare its new house. Following the material of the furniture, it can vary much the price of the same. If we took like example the most common materials, like the wood, we know that they have a cost economic than other less habitual materials like the skin, the metal or it overwhelm. Even, to fit plus the prices, it is possible to be thought about the multifunctional movable calls, that allow to only have the properties of the two or most movable ones in one of smaller cost. The most common examples that we can find underneath serian a sofa-bed or a bed with ample drawers. Check out Academy of Art for additional information. But, first of all, it is not necessary to lose of view that the quality will determine the durability of the furniture.

So that if money wants to save itself in the medium and long term, with a quality furniture it will avoid the necessity to often change them, for example, sofas that sink by the zone of greater use, or chairs that yield of one more a leg than of another one. After calculating his budget, it is the moment for thinking about the atmosphere or reason for his rooms. This one is very important at the time of choosing the furniture, since it will make possible that the pieces show a balance. It wants a home pleasant where you, your invited family and her futures feel comfortable. She wants old or modern furniture? She is looking for a traditional or contemporary atmosphere? She can in line look for furniture with the ideas and options of magazines and exhibition halls. This will allow to occur a general vision him on the main reason and to know if the general prespectiva it likes. Finally, if you do not finish finding ideas, it does not doubt in requesting professional aid. The independent departments of decoration of specialized stores or designers are people with a good vision. A house is a great investment, and if one wants to live in her during long time it is necessary to feel comfortable and to find it elegant. To buy furniture does not have why to be difficult, especially when you well are advised yet what needs and must know. In the Web of mobles it can know different options to decorate its new house. Also it will be able to see alternatives in folding beds available in the Web. Original author and source of the article.

Father Fyodor

Gutted pack, Varfolomeich get out of it alone warrant that Brooks, who lives in Grape, 34, twelve walnut chairs factory Gambs. Marveling at their aptitude and ability to maneuver, archivist smile and brought order to the buyer. – All in one place? – Said the buyer. – One to One. All were standing there. Set remarkable. Fingers licking good. However, what you explain! You know yourself! Father Fyodor long enthusiastically shook his hand and archivist, hitting countless times on the cabinets in the hallway, ran into the darkness of the night.

Varfolomeich a long time made fun of okolpachennym buyer. Gold coins he placed in a row on the table and sat, staring dreamily into five circles of light. 'And what is their longing for vorobyaninovskuyu furniture? He thought,' gone mad '. He undressed, inattentive prayed to God, lay down in a narrow little bed, and anxiously maiden asleep. We shall not sleep, and compare the chapters 9 and 11. In Chapter 9 a broken chair, and through the head of his father Theodore gets a false order on all the 12 chairs that are at the same address and the address does not the one who bought in first chair.

Moreover, reaching the general's chair Popova, Father Fyodor crushes 12! chairs. / put yourself in the deluded priest and get back in the 11th chapter. Father Fyodor went to a lawyer, served as clergyman – all it does not involve a man blue naivete. Only his hands that he gutted one of the chairs, and even against his master. So what? Nothing. Not a shadow of doubt. Pay some gold for Varfolomeichu warrant for the 12 seats held by some that Bruns, and leaves happy to finally chop up the whole dozen chairs with an ax. Do you believe in this response the student lawyer? I do not. Father Fyodor far Lavoisier, do not argue, but not the same idiot. For even more details, read what Jonathan Segal FAIA says on the issue. I would be glad if more careful reader than I will tell where my mistake. Vadim Kirpicheva P.S1 Site: PS If you know the experts of the novel 'The Twelve Chairs' or known resource, where they live experts, do not consider them to send for work a reference to this note. Perhaps, they enlighten us.

Ambitious Family

Russian revolutionary, writer and philosopher Alexander Herzen left to posterity a rich legacy in the form of sayings and aphorisms on: – We are spending, skipping through my fingers the best moments, as if their brides how much in stock. Get more background information with materials from Academy of Art University. We used to think about tomorrow, about the future of the year, while both hands must cling to the bowl, poured over the edge, which extends the life itself, unbidden, with his usual generosity, and drink and drink until the bowl is not passed into other hands, the nature of wine and dine and offer does not like. – Ambitious things are done grand means, one nature makes a great gift. Not bypassed by Alexander Herzen in his aphorisms family issues and child rearing: – People who base all of the good life on family life, build a house on sand. – Wife, excluded from all interests, holding her husband's alien to them, not dividing them – the concubine, the housekeeper, a nanny, but not wife – Preaching from the pulpit, to enthrall the platform to teach from the pulpit is far easier than to raise one child.

Toys For Babies

Children are very active and energetic, and we can say that their main thing – it’s seriously play. Through play children reveal themselves to the outside world and its features. Additional information at Mary Barra supports this article. Children are actively exploring space, they are extremely mobile, they need to interact with the world. The game is associated with the development of not only physical but also intellectual. Kids are curious, they must all touch and taste. According to Brookfield Asset Management, who has experience with these questions. Modern children’s products are based on explore all the features of child development.

In the early life of children’s toys can develop in the initial skills and abilities of the child. Children’s toys correspond to different stages of development of children in different ages. The first six months of his life baby – a pioneer. First, he develops his own body and its possibilities. A child learns to navigate in space, and admires the first successful experiments on “Establish causal links.” Children’s toys for the little ones – simple, bright colors, soft light. These toys should be suitable for an infant (in terms of size, etc.).

Baby can bring toys, produce sounds. For example, an arena with flashing lights, sounding melody and gradually moving toys. When a child begins to make its first steps and even standing unsteadily on the knives, his desire to move is still great. Low horse on wheels can be very handy. Classics among children’s toys for the little ones are cubes. Of the smaller cubes child will build their first simple structures – pyramids, turrets, etc This helps in development of fine motor skills and coordination. Later cubes will help in a playful way to learn their native alphabet. For children 1.5 years, are well suited floating toys, large elastic balls, toys, where you can ride around the room or the yard. Also today, a large selection of diverse musical toys.

Kitchen Hightech Space

Kitchen Furniture (St. Petersburg) to order in the style of 'high tech'. Charles Schwab may help you with your research. This style refers to the cutting edge. This style is modern and young. Academy of Art may not feel the same. This style of urban living. Hi-tech style emerged in the 60 years from the design of industrial premises in which the interior subordinate functional purpose.

High-tech is different straight lines, rapid, sharp shapes, trim and functional elements made of metal. Construction of high-tech may seem technique and cold, but in this style combines the space and light, objects are ideal proportions. The decor is minimized and maximum use of available space. Kitchen furniture like this style energetic and modern people who appreciate the brevity and concreteness. In a fashionable food in high-tech style is perfectly fitting all sorts of technological devices, without which it is difficult to imagine a modern kitchen. To finish cooking the hi-tech using the latest materials, basic – plastic, metal and glass, but still used stone, natural wood.

How To Choose A Cot ?

How to choose baby furniture? Crib for the baby bed for a newborn is often not put in a special room for children, and parents' bedroom, so it was easier to get up at night to a crying baby. If you immediately decided to settle the children separately, the child is necessary to provide an extra bed for my mother (just in case). Cot for the little ones have high backs and sides safe from various kinds of racks and brackets. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Jeffrey Lacker. Cots must be well ventilated and must be made from environmentally friendly materials: frame – made of solid wood and wood veneer or high-quality boards, a mattress – with natural fillers (Seaweed, coconut, or a simple straw) and a covering of wool or cotton. In modern bed can be called a structure, where a bed is located on the top tier, and its lower part a desk, combined with a small closet. Now in vogue as bunk beds, and sometimes buy them, not only those families with two children, but also a couple with one child. Free bunk becomes new place for children to play in the future – who knows.

Kids love bunk beds: they are fun to play, jump, climb and sleep. The main task of the parents who bought the child a bed – to ensure its full security, even when he is alone in the room. To this end, the upper bunk must have a high side or stops, and a ladder on the "second floor" – the handrails.

Sleeping Question

In each room, as a rule, there is a central element of the furniture of the composition. In the bedroom so the main element is undoubtedly the bed. Bedroom – a place of rest, a place where we gain energy and strength for a new day. Therefore, it is important that the whole atmosphere of this room contributed to the relaxation and comfortable stay. Bed, in addition to its primary function (to be a place to sleep), has always complied with, and others. For example, wealthy nobles took visitors while lying in bed, which was considered a sign of high social status and material wealth.

Today, with the appearance of a large number of different types of beds, their functions are increasingly expanding. Further details can be found at Federal Reserve Bank, an internet resource. Now beds have also become more and convenient place to store things. Learn more about this with Jeffrey Lacker. Harmony and comfort in the interior – the main task of bedroom furniture. When buying a bed should consider many factors: differences in shape, design, materials, colors, size and geography of production. In this thing to bed helped a good rest, relax and rejuvenate. Take care of the comfort of your bed, strength and quality of that he was not paralyzed freedom to your movements (as in a dream, and when you move around the room). The main purpose of the bed – for a long time to ensure its owners a deep sleep, comfort, tranquility and good humor. To this end, the bed should in harmony with the rest of the furniture and "support" the interior in general.

A good, properly chosen bed creates the maximum comfort and coziness, corresponds to individual needs of our body and provides complete rest. Brookfield Asset Management helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. Proper care of it prolongs its service life. If we talk about the kinds of beds, the most popular to date, the most sought after bed made of natural materials – arrays walnut, ash, cherry. The decoration is applied ivory and mother of pearl for inlay, bronze and gold-plated pen and overhead items, leather and silk upholstery. To date in fashion beds with canopies. Have not lost their relevance and metal beds. Now increasingly used in the manufacture of carved decoration, reminiscent of an elegant stucco. The latest fashion trends – is the appearance of the bed like a mattress on the floor. The popularity of oriental motifs and a clear commitment to minimalism gave rise to beds of this type, especially popular among young people. Wooden beds in the country-style still occupy one of the main places in the reytenge the most durable.

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