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It is true that new – it is well forgotten old. And now the fashionable place to house the wrong furniture that had just "out of the machine, with needles, as they say, and with the effect of aging. Namely: here and there worn, cracked here and there. This, of course, not antiques in the full sense of the word, but an antique form of furniture to give quite possible. And let everyone think that the legacy of your far-distant ancestors. So, to give the effect of aging of furniture You will need: Sandpaper medium grain, Acrylic paint for the base, the contrast in color to the one you use for the upper layer; Signet or stencil with an ornament, a gold leaf paint, 10 liters of paint oil-based, cracked when dry, 10 liters of water-based paint, cracked when dry; polyurethane glaze, matte or glossy; accessories that add to your completion "Antique" items; to start with a piece of furniture that you want to give a kind of old, you must remove the handles and other fittings or decorations, and clean the surface of the varnish. Then apply foundation – acrylic paint, which very fast drying.

After that, the surface of the furniture should be applied to the upper layer of paint. It should also dry. And decorative piece of work: furniture decorate ornaments with or stencil and paint under the gilding. It can be emblems, graphics, colors, animals, fantasy dragons and so on. Again waiting for the paint dries. And covered with a thin layer of varnish or oil-based. Leave for 2-3 hours. When the surface is almost dry, but it is still a little sticky, cover its top with a thin layer of lacquer to water based.

To the surface cracked, you can use an ordinary hair dryer, covering the surface of the product stream of hot air. Same results can be achieved, leaving the furniture in the sun or a warm room. After 3 hours, after the furniture is completely dry, rub it in a circular motion with a soft cloth slightly paint under the gilding. This is necessary to cracks appeared and started brightly, creating a color contrast. If you apply a contrasting color base and want it to be manifested in the form of cracks, abstain from the use of paint under the gilding. Leave the subject furniture at night, so it is perfectly dry. But this work does not end. Morning treat the surface layer of polyurethane varnish. Now you can safely invite guests to say, yesterday received a legacy from a distant ancestor antique typefaces.

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