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Past Commitment


In this direction, knowing description is also a fiction of literary matrix, even so does not leave of being a narration of displayed likely facts through a personal style of writing. The probability of veracity, calacada in scientific methods, supplies a version of the credit facts worthy, but that, still yes, it consists amongst one of the possible alternatives of explanation of the past. History while it disciplines has the commitment to supply a picture of the past, of form to convince the reading public, but it also exists a commitment with the bureaucratic techniques and particular methods of each time, questions and the practical ones of receptividade. The commitment in portraying the past through the told facts it is only one alternative amongst as much other possible ones, that it will be reconstructed by the researcher, with the aid of the sources and also of the creativity. In this direction, the reconstruction of the past is task of the gift, from estimated the inherent theoretician-metodolgico to each temporality, of the lived deeply experiences and emotions, respecting the inaccessible reserves of silence, shunting lines and gaps to the researcher. The central objective is to bring for the gift lived absentee e, of this form, power to interpret it, to decode the reality by means of its indications and vestiges, being desired to arrive at those forms for which the humanity expressed it exactly itself and the world. Thus, these representations of the past are presented as imagtica construction, a form of particular knowledge of our society, acting as part of the social reality and contributing to configure it. Each social space is, therefore, endowed with a proper inteligibilidade, permeando norms, interests collective, moral and ethical values, principles of the individuals. To investigate one given social reality estimates to count on a coordinate set of representations, a structure of directions, meanings that circulate between its members, by means of different forms of language.

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Good Samaritan


This world will be the most precious thing I believe Redeemed by Christ, And the glory of God and see him suffer Despite death and destruction. God gives us freedom to do evil every rich man, his greed His wealth of the poor does its prey. If ambition is greed hell of God is heaven with all its wealth, Christ, poor in spirit to the table! Goodness of God, a heaven of riches, total freedom. Love Sonnet house near or far Love without mirrors Whether near or far, with their eyes, God has in this world One near his two sons with him and the other away. But at home today there are celebrations for the older child without tangle, now the festivities are held, to the youngest son, will advice. I go to my Father's house against the sky says little in the wrong I did, waiting for forgiveness, will be sorry. Fullness of love or envy confident heart, God blesses us, Christ is with his Father eternally. Love from home for their children is God, our Father is.

The greatest commandment Sonnet The Good Samaritan is not a Jew not a Christian fanatic time, Evident, Da brother acts like his own and decides it is no longer mine. The Good Samaritan makes clear the mess Putting all your heart, your hand, confronts the problems hand in hand Navigating the sea as the river makes. God in Christ and Christ in the beggar heaven and earth to witness saw you, you can not ignore with impunity.

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Selective Collection


Work of field and research elaborated for Andres Severiano Luiz, student of biology for the university center Celso Lisbon. In this context institucional research of the COMLURB was made (municipal Company of urban cleanness) the biggest organization of public cleanness in Latin America. Anonymous society of mixing economy has the City hall of the city of Rio De Janeiro as shareholding majoritria. To its thirty and three years of existence, the Comlurb has for the first time a woman in the presidency Angela architect N3obrega Fonti, 56 years. It results of the transformation of the CELURB State Company of Urban Cleanness, as the terms of the Decree N 102 of 15 of May of 1975. Its main objective is the urban cleanness in the city of Rio De Janeiro, having as main attributions the services of domiciliary collection, cleanness of the public areas, sands of beaches, public parks, the urban furniture, of the tunnels, viaducts, and, in special, the cleanness and hygienic cleaning of municipal hospitals

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Car Repair, Warranty Service


Promotions, discounts, super deals, from an authorized dealer …., heard everywhere on the body of the channel and at every possible advertising medium. And in fact the case, in St. Petersburg. It seems the crisis in the auto industry and domestic foreign long, if still have so ryano lure of buying a car, but that awaits us after buying a car or anywhere on any advertising will not see. So we decided to investigate this matter a little and with pobschatsya some car salesmen, buyers and repairers.

As always, the position of those who want to sell is clear from the outset and the feeling that they believe VTE tales that tell, but buyers are coming in the wake of these vendors, end up in such financial dependence that joy then the entire warranty period denied completely. Youth that sometimes just boorish attitude repairmen spoils your nerves, so also are remove money for basic repairs, which have occasionally given to the latter, and in fact if you have paid it all, take off the warranty and everything. In the end, it turns out that buying a car, even if not on credit, you vseravno for the next two to three years, should remain, and like it or not but you would pay. Just for example, then 1 for Toyota Corolla in the middle is about 7000, this amount is to check fluid oil change, oil and oil filter, well, so there replacement at any service station oil costs 500 rubles, 500 rubles riginalny filter, oil and let the most expensive, about 1,500 rubles, and all liquids prverka 500 rubles a total of 3,000 rubles and 7,000 rubles for the guarantee. Feel the difference. So, repair Vehicle under warranty expensive, and it is worth considering which car to buy a new or Pre-Owned.

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