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Do you need to save space because your House is a tissue of girl? Then this note is what you need to read. In this opportunity to discuss an excellent alternative for those who lack space in their homes or more precisely in their rooms: beds nest. What is a trundle bed? It is named to the set of two beds where one will be stuck below the other. The great purpose of this bed is to make most of the available space in the bedroom, to have two beds in the space which would usually occupy a single. The trundle bed is a piece of furniture traditionally aimed at both children’s and youth rooms, it can also be used by people bigger without any problem.

The typical nest bed consists of 2 bases of plates with a metal structure. The upper base is similar to the standard, but with the peculiarity that the legs are joined by the short sides to allow the movement of the bed below. The bottom consists of legs with a spring system for enter it below. Legs by usually have external wheels near its base, oriented towards the outside to facilitate the sliding of the bed and so facilitate its transfer. If we have to talk about the mattresses that can use a bed nest, with respect to the above, any mattress will be good, regardless of the technology or brand. But for the part below, to be limited in space by having a bed above, the mattress may not exceed 15 cm.

It is for this reason that it is customary to place a mat. Although the trundle bed that we have just described is a standard, any of several models, such as for example those who have the similar structure to a sofa/bed. Do not forget to read future reports our always related to the world of relaxation. sale of beds nest in Spain.

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Kitchen Tables


Kitchen tables Have you ever been, a key, the centerpiece of any kitchen? If not, I'll tell you – the kitchen table. And let it often costs somewhere in an inconspicuous corner, covered with a plastic skaterochkoy, it's still true. Always take the flame Newbie friends always put a strong "shoulder" for cooking utensils, always offer help to receive a large number of guests, but who knows what! On the other hand correctly picked up a kitchen table (and, of course, already without skaterochki) – simply transforms the space, comfort and adds, we can say a whole interior kitchen domesticity. Without it, even the most beautiful kitchen looks like a incomplete, flawed. With the kitchen table the same small world becomes closer and particularly warm. And it's nice in the evening the whole family to gather for dinner, share the latest news, gossip and plans for the future. AND kitchen table should have this, invite, entice even.

This should serve as a kitchen chairs: to entice, attract. It is true that in most modern kitchens chairs are replaced by trivial stools, and at all, I assure you, not for aesthetic reasons. Just not enough space. And more on this topic will not speak. But the table is surely no substitute, a surrogate for some! Table is a table – a pillar of the entire kitchen space. And from choice of this table will depend on how you feel on your own kitchen.

And sit at the table should be, respectively, with dignity, taking you all the available space. Rosenstein’s JANAs opinions are not widely known. And, do not find room for oneself near corner, dipping a biscuit in a little warm tea. We can say that a good kitchen table brings in a person a feeling of deep esteem. And no matter what it's kitchen table – round or rectangular, glass or wood, big or small – most importantly, it fits beautifully into the interior of your kitchen, and just sit still makes for him!

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School Soccer


In the world there are only two football school. It is a European and South American. Oddly enough in the balance, they create the most popular sport, but their differences are significant. The most unique in this sense is a Portuguese school football, which combines the indigenous people of South America, but refers to an intelligent European football. Cones for training, mock pitches – this can be seen in the Portuguese school of football, both in principle and in vesde Europe, but at the same time in Portugal are less popular method of theory, and given a clear game plans, which are almost always improved, depending on the players and their capabilities. What to say if Ronaldo, Nani, Figo, Rui Costa has conquered the world football at a young age at the same time were well-prepared as tactically and physically, not to mention the elegance of these phenomena in the field. Few, however, star in the Legion Championship (Juran, Shcherbakov, Kandaurov, Atelkin), and the last lingering – and did not quite stellar, but the Portuguese play in our Premier League (Ricardo, Teixeira, Rama, …).

However, times changed – our countrymen in a far away country so much closer, though quickly 'Petrenko' from 'Fomenko' such and look, played in the league Sargish, and then – and grandiloquent-greenish team … laughing? A gift. Now, in childish and youthful Portugal championships played around 10 ka children with a Ukrainian passport, and another who understands – with Ukrainian roots. Once we hear about them from Portuguese-focus …

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