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Timber Wood


Edged board of oak has a beautiful texture and greenish-brown color. Oak wood is heavy, strong, firm, not subject to rot. Powerful rough drawing of fibers with a special bone-gloss, easy to machining, the ability to bending – all earned the honor board cut out of oak. Bog oak, ie oak, obtained from the trunks of trees that are hundreds of years were in the river water is particularly hard. Oak wood is easy to moritsya to black, well painted, the so-called treatment of different kinds of hardwood. In a cross-section of the annual ring are clearly visible large vessels.

In a mature dark wood visible light plamevidnye strip, consisting of small wood for a sosudov.Primenyaetsya Origin: veneer, which is used for finishing products, flooring, furniture. Beech also has a beautiful texture. But it prone to rotting. Paint it depends on the age of the trees. Light yellow with a reddish tinge breed sap. In sections with visible annual layers of small blood vessels. Wood rays are similar to the broad strokes of darker color than the main timber. Book easily treated, well-colored, hard, durable plastic, but poorly cut.

When dry can crack. When polishing, color hardly changes. Wood ash is very similar to oak. The same strong, beautiful, but is lighter. Wood ash more matte gray (sometimes white), area of large vessels in the annual rings of a bit wider. It is easy to work, with drying does not crack. High impact strength, which allows the use of wood ash for the manufacture of sporting equipment. Nice texture in the form of bands formed yearly layers (often one year in these sectors and it crumbles). The big disadvantage – the rapid decay in the open air. Almost everywhere dense pinewoods different fine-grain wood and narrow sapwood. Smooth barrel with a small amount twigs and resin passages. Distinguish pine kondovuyu (Rudova) and myandovuyu growing on clay soils. Myandovaya pine is softer and less resinous. Pine wood is soft, light, not plastic, but mechanically strong. Well to fabricate and finish (after obessmolivaniya), poorly exposed rot. Wood of young trees is lighter than adults. It is used almost in all construction areas. The construction company will prompt how to calculate the cost of building their own.

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Rose Wedding Day


The best gifts this year are the cast-iron pots or pans, candlesticks and potted plants. Zinc wedding – who is rarely noted because it is celebrated by 6.5 years of marriage. Such an unusual date due to the fact that married couples do not forget to arrange a holiday and on weekdays, and not as forget to clean the dishes. Guests give galvanized utensils. Copper wedding – celebrated the seventh year after the wedding.

Copper – a symbol of family strength, beauty and affluence. On this day you can give couples, of copper: candlesticks, bowls for jam, stamping. Tin wedding – his wife are celebrating eight years later. Sheet metal (especially if it is new, shiny) – symbolizes the renewal of family relationships. And, therefore, recommended to change surroundings – make flat or house repairs, purchase new furniture. Must be relevant and gifts – everything that will beautify and change the interior of the family hearth. Previously gave the product of tin: baking, shape. Now you can donate appliances or shiny pots and pans: bakeware, trays, buckets.

Earthenware wedding – celebrated on the ninth year of marriage. Each year, family relationships become stronger and more like good tea. Ceramic cups filled with tea, are a symbol of the beauty of family relationships, their unity of wealth. Welcome gifts at this anniversary is – faience and porcelain, glassware and crystal. Pink Rose Wedding Day or (in the Baltics – Amber wedding) – celebrated ten years later. This is the first round date in the family and so marked with all the sweep.

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Neutralize Allergies


I’ve already talked about the fact that the most common allergens – house dust. During molting short hair frantsuschskih Bulldogs invisible layer on the floor and furniture, and fix it can only wet cleaning. Get a mop with “press” attachment to bucket – washing floors, even several times a day will cease to be torture. Sweeping with a broom, in my opinion – no more than gonyanie dust around the room. 4. Very high quality, efficient, but, unfortunately, expensive thing – air purifier.

A good cleaner is worth about 20.000 rubles. Options for 5-10 thousand – just a low-powered air conditioner. A good purifier kills bacteria, ionizes the air (which is admittedly difficult to test for practice) and eliminates odors. The last quality check is very simple: to bring the purifier lit cigarette – he immediately begins to work more powerful. 5.

Aerate the window – no comments. 6. Wash your dog at least once a week. From a purely washed the dog, my husband can hug a few consecutive days (with breaks). 7. Dog wash the groin area as often as possible, ideally – once a day. 8. Do not forget to wash and rinse dog bedding and couches. Furniture, which has a dog, should also be treated with a vacuum cleaner and a damp cloth. What not to do: 1. Restrict dogs to communicate. After the cry: “Get away from me!” And hitting his hands, you can not explain intelligibly the dog that “the Pope allergy”, but distrust and dislike of call for sure. Better after contact with the dog to go and wash your hands safely. 2. Dramatically change the lives of dogs in the house after the onset of allergy – forbid them to sleep in a chair, climb on the kitchen sofa. For the reason indicated in the preceding paragraph. 3. Do not overdo. Do not let yourself and not allow others to perceive dogs as a source of allergies – if your child picks up an infectious disease, you do not will begin to shy away from it? 4. Do not be fooled by their puppy buyers. Speaking as easily get on in your house people with allergies and French bulldogs, you tell half-truths. Do not keep silent and what efforts this will apply: not everyone is willing to radically change the way of life. 5. It is important that you not only eliminated the sources of allergies, but allergies and he was alert: Do not put the naked body clothes with sticky hair, not hiding rug, from which only the tears that dog. Not so long ago, my husband dried himself after a shower big “dog” with a towel – the truth, he noticed something was wrong. Well done, you have to be careful. 6. Do not make the disease a cult. Sometimes, not at all get to keep an eye – Neutralize conflict situations, pay them a joke. And one more thing. I have known cases where, by blackmailing an allergy, the couple were forced to get rid of the second half of the dogs. And often it is is and without any allergies. This is also a “cure”, but in another way.

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