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Library Siegburg


City Library Siegburg refurbished 20 years invites the Siegburg town library in the Griesgasse to linger, enjoy and discover. While the library about a growing number of avid bookworms looking forward”, but was the daily use or wear and tear of the furniture so has become visible, that you decided for a renewal and modernization of his furniture pieces. Quickly braiding and rattan furniture from Rattanshop24 chosen. This name may be determined some victory burgers known from the 70s, where Rattanshop24 had two branches in Siegburg, Germany. Today, the company is also known for its branch office in Troisdorf, the largest retailers for rattan furniture and accessories in the Rhein-Sieg-Kreis, and far beyond its borders.

Rattanshop24 the municipal library with two three seaters and four armchairs, so that nothing is in the way is relaxed and cozy reading for the establishment of new industries. But also the Cafe corner shines in new splendour and enjoys his new bistro set up with 5 Tables and chairs rattan 15. A special highlight”is also the new rocking chair from Abaco XF network” a quaint-looking piece of furniture that gives a brand new charm of Siegburg town library, however. Mrs Bonse, head of the library, was simply amazed by the rapid settlement.” The entire team was particularly pleased about the one-time special discount, Rattanshop24, granted in favor of the renewal of the city library, however. The modern, new equipment is a further step towards a future-oriented structure of the library now. Because ever came to the city library on a thematic journey”, as one extended the complete Bank CD’s, DVD’s, CD-ROMS and console games, and ventured to the transformation of a library in a media library. And with great success: today, the number of media circulation is just under 500,000 per year.

So it was so necessary that you takes place also the change to the outside, the inside the library some years ago occurred has. And now enjoy the modern, and comfortable and durable rattan furniture, the many visitors of the Siegburg town library. Rattanshop24, was in 1967, under the name rattan Studio “founded and opened his first shop on the ring road in Siegburg, Germany.” 2003, you however moved headquarters to Troisdorf, where now on 1000 square meters more than 2000 braided and rattan furniture, and home accessories. Thus, Rattanshop24 is not only one of the largest exhibitors in Germany, also the website enjoys increasing popularity. Whether they buy now in the shop itself, or order online, you have the choice between high quality products of from well-known manufacturers. But custom-made, according to individual customer requirements, are possible and implemented in love. Their shopping’ delivers Rattanshop24 to Germany, Austria and the Switzerland. These are the main countries of origin of the regular customers, which of course certificate for the high popularity and awareness of Rattanshop24 is.

Tips For Choosing A Kitchen


How to choose a kitchen? answering the following questions, you can find out exactly what kitchen furniture you need. – Any size work surface kitchen furniture you need? It is important to take into account the height of the working surface. It just depends on the size of household appliances (in Europe the standard h = 850 mm). – Think about how you organize your workspace, how you prefer to place the stove for cooking, washing, dressing table for, freezer camera. – Is it possible to move the wall separating the living room and kitchen? – To provide an angle for feeding a pet? – What color should your furniture for the kitchen? Choice of color is highly dependent on your preferences. Some people calm cool colors and other bright and warm, like red. – What event takes place in the kitchen area: communication, washing things, cooking, hobbies, homework, listening to music, taking meal, a family holiday? – What appliances you use to make your furniture to the kitchen was much more practical? Your kitchen is suitable for the application of built-in appliances? There is a need for enhanced lighting in kitchen? Do you need information about the size of consumer devices. – How many family members use the kitchen? – When ordering furniture for the kitchen must re-create on paper a floor plan for the kitchen and set exact size of the light door and window openings, unusual protrusions.

It is also important to consider the placement of drains, wiring, plumbing, electrical outlets, ventilation channels. – How often, how much time and how many people are in the kitchen? You do every day cooking, just a little snack or breakfast? What is the kitchen for you to do this: table book, bar, dining kitchen table or folding table. The window in the dining room? – How many products you normally keep in the kitchen? How many lockers for saving bulk products, canned goods, vegetables, you need to consider? Your future kitchen will require the solution of many problems in planning the kitchen space. Look at the corner kitchen design that will help you choose the kitchen.

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