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How you easily can redecorate your living room from the sofa and on what service you should not avoid. Everybody knows it: the touchy furniture purchase. In advance you would be glad to set up a living room for example new and it has the most fantastic ideas. Then he arrived, the day of the purchase of the furniture and the motivation falls noticeably after the third through furniture store. Also compare prices is hampered by the fact that not all furniture stores have the same range and thus not the same products. And if they find you furniture stores with the same products, most have a unit price and it annoys is that you not bought in the first department store. But now everything is easier, because the online shipping makes it possible. In recent years, there was also already the online shipping, but there furniture were the objects shipped to the least. Last but certainly not least was the difficult to sending pieces of furniture. Today one to determine a clear trend upwards in the online furniture retailers. More and more people purchase your new Furniture cheap via the Internet. On the one hand, there are many online furniture stores, so the selection is huge and you can compare prices as well. There are even extra platforms, which are sure to compare prices there. Simply entering the desired product and the search engine indicates the results where this article was found everywhere and sorts the results by the prices. Before you order but an article on the Internet, you should look at the services. offers first class service for example, not found in many other furniture stores. You should respect in any case on a good and rich consulting, as well as on a good delivery service. The delivery should be insured in any case, so you must not responsible for shipping damage. Well, is also, if small items with a parcel service delivered and not one comes, but several times, if you are not there. Is a very good service, although large furniture, the most delivered with a forwarding agent, be at your doorstep turned off, but worn in your apartment and even in your bedroom or living room will be. Some carriers also offer direct free to take with the packaging waste, so you have no circumstances. You should also make sure that the online furniture store offers you several possibilities of payment and if possible also a 0% financing. Order your furniture online for example on, will find a large selection of quality furniture and a first-class service.



Estonia is conveniently located on the shores of the Gulf of Finland. This is a very small country. The total population is barely half a million inhabitants. In the capital of Estonia – Tallinn lives of merely four hundred thousands of people. However, this small country, barely discernible on the world map, has a huge cultural and historical values. The first written mention of Tallinn – the capital of Estonia belongs to the 12 century. During its long history, the city has changed several names. So, in the Scandinavian sources Tallinn called Lindanise (accented on the first syllable), and in the Russian chronicles – Candy.

Scandinavian Lindanise – it is nothing like an echo of the ancient the epic hero of ancient Estonian Kalev and his wife, Linda, Lindanise – a land of Linda. Origin of the same Russian name Candy is still a mystery. Another name for the city – Revel. Russian guides nineteenth century, invites travelers to "Revel in the Water '. In those days the city was a fashionable seaside resort. Meaning of the name Revel is unknown, but from ancient times the land north of Estonia was called Reval.

The modern name the city has to do with the period of Danish rule. Tallinn literally means 'Danish town' In 1997, the Old Town of Tallinn for its unique medieval appearance was listed by unesco in the World list of world heritage. Spirit of the Middle Ages is not leaving the city in Estonia, and to this day. Talented architects, pondering his next project, seeking to combine the current trends of construction with the appearance of medieval cities. Enterprising restaurateurs name their drinking establishments names of real historical figures. Thus, the traditions of the past is transformed into a new time and the history of special attention.

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Ambient Psychology


the individual that Ambient Psychology considers, according to Bassani, Silveira and Ferraz (2003, p.1694), is ' ' the human being concrete, with a history of life, a cultural context, endowed with cognition and affection, with social identity and individual' ' , agreeing to Bronfenbrenner (1996), that the person characterizes as complex biopsicolgico organism, in operating, composed growth and for an integrated system (cognition, social, affectivity, emotion, motivation) that they interact mutually. Thus, Ambient Psychology does not have as objective the resolution of the ambient problems and yes the crisis of the people in the environment (PINE, 1997). Paraphrasing Rodriguez (1997, p.27): It joins of wools expresiones bad you make a mistake en los crisis speeches on there ecological you are there of ' ' problems ambientales' '. En realidad if deals with ' ' problem-of-there-humanidad' ' , y, for ende, del comportamiento human being. Los wool sound los comportamientos personas that provocan un woollen increment gravedad of un ambient problem; y you are on wool life personas there on wools that influye alteracin of un parmetro there ambient. Observing some definitions on the environment and the individual, it is concluded that one does not exist without the other and therefore, becomes important to analyze as the individual perceives the environment that lives and as this influences its behavior and of that it forms this contributes for its development. The environment must be a shelter that it protects and of the security against exterior agents; it filters quality and number of social contacts; it transmits personal culture, values and interests; it has the function to provide to pleasure and development, depending on the disposal of the person at the moment and the experiences that favor the learning of new abilities (MORVAL, 2007). ambient psychologist works with the ambient perception, functional study of the physical environment with its social dimension and aspects, approach of the interrelation and interdependence conceptually distinct person-environment as of the isolated action of its components on the behavior (bidirectional vision), flexibility in the job of varied levels of analysis, variability of the space scale, scales secular and ambient, psychological knowledge on the human development, etc., that is, the necessary professional of a luggage of instruments since the variety of aspects that must be considered in the study of the interaction person-environment is very extensive (PINE, 1997).

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Cabinet Wood


What you should consider when buying solid wood furniture, computer tables are modern offices and the home work rooms nowadays no longer imagine. Since the personal computer in almost all households has arrived, you will find these tables for the computer in living rooms almost all youth rooms and even in the bedroom some people have set up their computer desk. The most PC tables were a combination of metal and coated pressure plates, so far as more and more manufacturers are figured, that the fans of solid wood furniture estimate certainly not only beds and cabinets, but also computer tables. But such tables let’s look even more closely at. Countless examples of how offering solid wood furniture manufacturer not only the well-known country style furniture, but also modern and contemporary furniture can be found on the Internet. During our research, we found these computer desks in the online shop of the solid wood furniture manufacturer furniture buy it now. Solid wood furniture are alone with their nature has always been a looker in any Space.

If they are used as a Workbench, then made solid wood furniture are still more in Germany. They create a pleasant working atmosphere and at the same time these pieces of furniture will also provide a healthy room climate. Solid wood furniture to protect health headache due to leaking substances are no longer an issue at high-quality solid wood furniture from German production. If you look, what chemical adhesive in cheap imitations of wood are used, then you have an idea of what is possible in people sensitive to impairments. One does not enter this risk, when to his apartment with according to the strict guidelines of German solid wood furniture manufacturer sets up. And best of all it is of course, if one buys the computer table in the Cabinet room made of solid wood. But it is essential to ensure that the materials, even if they are made of solid wood, not subsequently be treated with harmful varnish or wood preservative.

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Antique Furniture


It is true that new – it is well forgotten old. And now the fashionable place to house the wrong furniture that had just "out of the machine, with needles, as they say, and with the effect of aging. Namely: here and there worn, cracked here and there. This, of course, not antiques in the full sense of the word, but an antique form of furniture to give quite possible. And let everyone think that the legacy of your far-distant ancestors. So, to give the effect of aging of furniture You will need: Sandpaper medium grain, Acrylic paint for the base, the contrast in color to the one you use for the upper layer; Signet or stencil with an ornament, a gold leaf paint, 10 liters of paint oil-based, cracked when dry, 10 liters of water-based paint, cracked when dry; polyurethane glaze, matte or glossy; accessories that add to your completion "Antique" items; to start with a piece of furniture that you want to give a kind of old, you must remove the handles and other fittings or decorations, and clean the surface of the varnish. Then apply foundation – acrylic paint, which very fast drying.

After that, the surface of the furniture should be applied to the upper layer of paint. It should also dry. And decorative piece of work: furniture decorate ornaments with or stencil and paint under the gilding. It can be emblems, graphics, colors, animals, fantasy dragons and so on. Again waiting for the paint dries. And covered with a thin layer of varnish or oil-based. Leave for 2-3 hours. When the surface is almost dry, but it is still a little sticky, cover its top with a thin layer of lacquer to water based.

To the surface cracked, you can use an ordinary hair dryer, covering the surface of the product stream of hot air. Same results can be achieved, leaving the furniture in the sun or a warm room. After 3 hours, after the furniture is completely dry, rub it in a circular motion with a soft cloth slightly paint under the gilding. This is necessary to cracks appeared and started brightly, creating a color contrast. If you apply a contrasting color base and want it to be manifested in the form of cracks, abstain from the use of paint under the gilding. Leave the subject furniture at night, so it is perfectly dry. But this work does not end. Morning treat the surface layer of polyurethane varnish. Now you can safely invite guests to say, yesterday received a legacy from a distant ancestor antique typefaces.

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