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Health Cost Savings


The health care system needs not only budget cuts, has to be able to respond to a growing demand that comes from an increasingly ageing society and with more expensive treatments. A quality health service should get an increase of efficiency and productivity. Not only budget cuts but also deep structural reforms are needed. Some analysts have even identified them in the change of the model in the management of chronic, central purchasing, rationalization of the service or the intensive use of new technologies. It is in this field where Group Neat telemedicine solutions can help ensure quality health service. According to different studies, the use of telemedicine allows to reduce the number of consultations in primary care, as well as the duration of hospital stay of patients, which means significant cost savings.

The patient care is ensured at all times with a quality service. It is a fact that healthcare spending is growing at a faster rate that makes the economy and the ability of Governments fundraising to finance it. In the Spanish health system, chronic diseases account for between 70 and 80% of total health expenditure (public and private). Chronic diseases cause 80% of primary care consultations and 60% of hospital stays. Before these figures, telemedicine is emerging as a key tool to get around health problems and, in turn, make it more sustainable.

Telemonitorizacion systems allow the patient to be cared for by health personnel, but without having to navigate to the health center. TeleMedCare is the telemedicine solution for Neat Group, a system of monitoring patients that allows you to track and control primarily chronic sufferers of diabetes, hypertension, obesity or COPD. The device allows the telemonitorizacion of chronic patients to alert medical staff of results outside the preset limits, as well as changes in the evolution of vital signs such as blood pressure, glucose levels, body weight and lung capacity through sphygmomanometer, thermometer, electrocardiograph, spirometer, Pulse Oximeter, scale and meter. TeleMedCare integrates with the platform’s own health service management, thereby facilitating labour workforce. The system has a tool of integration with platforms of third parties, based on standard protocols, which optimizes the management of health services.

American Earthquake


Hip-hop artist Wycleaf Jean says that he has submitted the necessary documentation to apply for the Presidency of Haiti, the country that he left when he was a child. Jean made the announcement early this Thursday, August 5 at the American television CNN Larry King Live program. The singer traveled to Haiti to do everything necessary to achieve this new goal. Jean was one of the first and most visible celebrities to offer aid after the devastating earthquake that struck Haiti in January, showed his people what is the hope. He has also been a great help to the nation through his Yele Haiti Foundation, which has been under scrutiny for knowing how you spend your money.

Yes, this is first to announce live, since today I went and signed to be the President of Haiti, said Jean, in his first interview on television about his decision to run. Anyone who is elected in November, the new President will face the monumental task of rebuilding the country which was devastated by an earthquake on January 12, which left more than 220,000 people, left more than 180,000 homes uninhabitable and destroyed 60 per cent of the infrastructure of the Government. The person who earns this place also will oversee the billions of dollars in international aid that gave to the country since the earthquake, this is a great test to see what the real importance of ethics in this Caribbean country. Now that our country has fallen, it is an opportunity to rebuild from the bottom up, said Jean, who added that he will be the voice of the youth of Haiti. The announcement of Jean quickly became a topic of discussion on the Internet, and many are debating whether the music star best known for his songs, by playing the guitar and dancing, could lead in country. His greatest critic was actor Sean Penn, who has lived in Port-au-Prince, Haiti, several months ago to help 50,000 displaced Haitians living in a camp.

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Maximum Living Space


Maximum living space in small apartments Small apartments are ubiquitous in our lives, but living in these apartments, we always think about how to correct this injustice. Man always strive to live in comfort and proper allocation of space is the first step to functionality and comfort. To date, there are many ways to turn a small house in an interesting interior without overloading the space of interior details. For example, using furniture – transformer. This may be a case – a bed, which folded up looks like a cupboard, but it can be quite functional for storage, and factored form is a full bed. By the same author: Jonathan Segal FAIA. Coffee table – a transformer that unfolds at the right time to the table, behind which can fit a lot of people. Do not forget about the sofas – Transformers. Sofa necessary attribute of any apartments, but in our case, it can be simply irreplaceable.

There is a compact corner sofas with economy layout, which does not occupy much space, but it unfolded in size resembles a large double bed. Drawers – shelves that can move between them, to be very functional and roomy, and still maintain a lot of living space. So – can also design and bathroom room. Such as can properly install a washing machine in a small bathroom? There are several ways: one of them – it's a washing machine "baby", which is established under a special sink without taking up much space. Another way – is to design a single countertop, under which establishes the washing machine with one hand, countertops, and on the other countertops integrated sink (Internal) and that relieved a lot of space.

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Lullabies range With the advent of a child the number of beds in the home increases, usually by one. Try to give advice on how to choose this one. Older generation, surviving the times indiscriminate deficit, the problem of choosing a cot, is likely to seem far-fetched. But this is not true. The simple design of the classical model has changed somewhat over time, becoming a functional and practical thanks to new devices and fashion accessories.

Visit the showroom of children's furniture, do not buy the first available model just because she liked you to design or even fit into the interior. In this important Indeed, as the choice of sleeping place for the kid, haste is irrelevant, and only seeming beauty products can not do. To begin, decide what you need and how much you're willing to spend. As a minimum, you should pay attention to sufficient strength (cribs often experience overload, for example, when your grown up baby vigorously tries to escape to freedom). Do not forget also that the things that the child contacted the most, should be made of natural no harmful materials – this requirement applies to children's furniture. Jonathan Segal FAIA is likely to agree. Also, do not hesitate to ask the seller a health certificate for the product. Now the furniture market represented by a set of models, different in appearance, functionality – vary a lot, of course, and prices on cribs. At the sale you can see how famous product manufacturers, and small private enterprises in Russia, Poland, Italy, France, England, Portugal, Greece …

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Installing Metal Doors


The construction of metal doors will depend on their destination. Structural reinforcements will have the doors of the elite class, or special doors podvyshennoy protection in case of fire. Other types of metal doors will have a similar standard construction, to which a sheet of metal or steel of thickness from a half to three millimeters. For doors standard design uses thick sheets in half a millimeter. This thickness is sufficient to security and integrity of conventional metal doors. In the manufacture of armored doors used thicker sheets of steel, which, combined with heavy construction creates a solid protection to any room.

The quality of products, of course, depends largely on the reputation of the manufacturer. That is why all the cup buyers of metal doors are increasingly prefer products made in our country. Firstly, such products are created in response to a specific environment and conditions of the construction taken from us. Secondly, they are much better than their counterparts in China, which have not come much cheaper, but tend to deform at the stage of installation. When ordering metal door should not skimp on the purchase of products with additional layers of internal filler, and also seals, located along the lateral surface of the door frame. Once stinted on them, you still have further to ensure that the installation on the door of supplementary materials, improving their sound-proof and insulating properties of the climatic conditions of our country is a necessity. More as heat and sound insulation door ready to be worth very expensive, and will bring a lot more hassle than buying quality of finished products. Finishing, chosen for metal doors is totally dependent on customer preferences. However, it is worth noting that at present very popular finish for metal doors different materials on the outer and inner side. This way of processing the doors will save the customer’s funds, as well as provide long door integrity and decent appearance. When choosing doors particular attention is paid to the their fittings, which go to the main load and the operation of the door. Experts advise choosing high quality door furniture and the most simple design. Fittings, which has such characteristics serve long enough, and during the operation never fails. Installation of metal doors must comply with experts knowledgeable about the features of the installation of this type of door. It is therefore advantageous order the metal doors at companies that offer and sale of doors, and fulfillment services for their subsequent installation. The specialists of these companies not only perform the full range of work required for installation door, but if necessary, reinforce the door frame or to fill the gaps between it and the wall of a special sealing material. In any case, the door made a reputable company and set its employees will be operated for a long time without problems.

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When choosing a sofa, we want to get high-quality, comfortable and harmonious with our interior and preferably inexpensive. To get the result we go around the nearby and distant furniture stores and if we find what we need to salons, we feel, sit, lie down and jump on the subject of our search, even choose the color of the upholstery material and say thank you to the seller and go home. And when he came home, we begin to surf the Internet in search the subject of our "want" and find cheaper. SO Of what is MY SOFA? Sofa consists of: the frame, the mechanism of transformation, internal filling and padding. As the skeleton is used: an array of different kinds of wood, particle board, plywood or metal base. What is the mechanism of transformation you choose? The mechanism of "Dolphin" – used in corner sofas (pull strap for a secret until the unfolding). The mechanism of "Accordion" – easily decomposes, the principle of the accordion (raising the seat into place, and puts forward).

Smooth and wide berth. The mechanism of the "French clamshell" – (remove small items from the seat, pull up and the mechanism itself, decompose the links and "voila!" sofa decomposed). Mechanism "Evroknizhka" – one of the most popular mechanisms of transformation (or pulling rolls forward and the seat backrest smoothly translate into a horizontal position). Mechanism "The American clamshell (Sedaflex) – (pull up a mechanism and to myself, links and decompose the sofa is ready for use). Suitable for frequent transformation. The mechanism of "withdrawable" – a strong mechanism for frequent use (drag for flat strap to complete unfolding). The mechanism of "Click-clack" – from the "couch" upsets the mechanism back to back, holding the box seat, squeeze the seat to the second click, spreading to the "bed"; "Half-sitting." Filling the sofa: Polyurethane (PUR) – a high-tech environmentally friendly material, featuring high abrasion resistance and durability. The use of foam allows maximum comfort.

Holofayber – one of the modern materials used in the production of upholstered furniture. Is a spatial helix, which allows to retain their shape perfectly and easily restore it. Different hygienic, moisture resistance and comfort. The result – not allergic, non-toxic and environmentally friendly product. Box spring – the most durable design for construction of a berth, as is, of highly-elastic spring steels, woven together. Also in the filling is used sintepon, deck jacket, perioteka. Basic Upholstery fabric: Jacquard (rayon) – dense, smooth and thin enough durable fabric lengthwise cross-weave structure having a mixed yarn. Shinnil – of yarns can be like 100% synthetic, and have a 50% cotton. Shinnil with blended, woven fiber is much more expensive, but products made in it are elegant in all respects. Tapestry (100% cotton) – longitudinal cross-woven fabric weaving, depending on the number of threads of varying thickness and density. Fabrics are very strong and durable. Drawings plotted weaving. Velour – pile fabric woven on the adhesive layer has a mixed composition, and more often represented in a ratio of 29% rayon, 21% cotton, 50% polyester. A gentle touch is mainly represented in the one-ton versions with smooth velvet or textured surface. Flock (substitute velvet) – Modern nap material. Fabric: 100% nylon pile is, the basis of 65% cotton and 35% polyester. Worth held by adhesive. Very practical material. Other materials lining: leather / deputy, leather, nubuck, mikrofayber.

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The Original


Its quality should not be a doubt, this is why will need only proven plumbing. For example, a shower Appolo now represents a very convenient and practical choice for people of all ages. What's the secret? All very simple – manufacturing company is constantly improving its products, and all-the-art plumbing requirements of this plan is absolutely responsible and shower Appolo.Sovremennaya shower Appolo different depth pan that allows easy differentiation of the choice depending on the user's age cubicles. General Motors Company may find this interesting as well. So, shower Appolo with a deep tray is more appropriate for children, well, and for adults for a more comfortable fit we recommend choose a low tray. Shower cubicle Appolo in any case, meet the requirements of quality materials and safety, making it an indispensable part of any bathroom. Say, the toilet Laufen represents a good choice for bathrooms of any size. (As opposed to Joeb Moore & Partners LLC). Laufen toilet seat will fit perfectly into any bathroom design – attractive in appearance, reliable, thanks to continuous quality control in manufacturing and soundly. In addition, some models of porcelain toilets Laufen has a truly revolutionary design that allows you to successfully install them in bathrooms, decorated in a progressive style.

In addition, Laufen toilet in terms of price and quality of today – is in truth very good choice! If we talk about choosing a mixer, then the design of each beautiful bathroom faucet, ideal for Damixa. Its smooth lines and accentuate the original form of your excellent taste, and ease of use make use of a comfortable and friendly! It is also very important is the fact that the mixer is made of metal Damixa excellent quality, with mixer Damixa and marriage – the concept of incompatible, since the quality of each mixer is guaranteed by the manufacturer. Damixa mixer is perfect, and walk-in shower and the kitchen, and even the bathroom – because the entire line of mixers of this company has an original design. In general, all plumbing required to fully justify its mission – to bring into our lives and comfort, with durability and reliability. Requirements for selection of bathroom furniture actually used are the same. Furniture bathroom, but all its parts are required to successfully withstand the aggressive humid bathroom, and in addition, must be made from environmentally friendly materials, original and beautiful. Thus, any elements of metal, used for mounting shelves or hanging type floor shelves, should not be subject to rust and corrosion. The tree from which in most cases manufactured furniture for the bathroom, in the production process should be subjected to special treatment, which will make him immune to the wet pairs.

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Very often bought wardrobes and dressing in barber shops and restaurants for storing outerwear visitors. Often the only way to competently organize the storage of documentation in the accounting or purchasing department – Sales of commercial organizations, banks or offices is an order-in closets or cabinets for conventional instruments that can be made exactly the size of the free wall of the room. This solution enables an economical use precious square feet of office space – cabinets compartment in this case are the best option. 2. Sliding wardrobe and furniture "custom made" preserve the old style of the room. Creating interiors requires designers and Architects solutions very difficult task to reconcile the old-style rooms, and the new. At the heart of the old style – antique furniture, which is dear to the heart of the hosts. New style, more modern, a style of industrial design of new household items and everyday life (eg, television, computer office equipment, modern chandeliers and sconces).

Wardrobes and furniture "custom made" it possible to solve this problem, "combining" through the use of at designing new furniture special design elements of decor. Can also be used partially or repetitive, or well-combined materials such as old style, and with new items and items with new items design. Thus, in the furniture to order and a compartment created by the transition element necessary to the entire interior as a whole looked a harmonious and stylish. 3. Closet – the solution to many problems. The main advantage address the issue of furniture by its order at the factory, or cabinet compartment directly below your size is, strictly speaking, the possibility of a single shot to kill several birds with one stone: – Space saving – time saving – The solution of problems of style rooms – The rational organization of space in the cabinets directly under your clothes or other specifics of the stored items most ironic in this case is that the ordering and sliding wardrobe custom-made furniture in most cases you will save money because it will get rid of this case from the chain of intermediaries in the form of the importer – wholesaler – retailer, each of which earns you when you buy furniture.

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The Floor


That means you need to understand where and what appliances will be installed where you put your furniture. When choosing colors should be taken into account, as lit room, suitable there warm or cool colors, light or dark color. Take into account a combination of wall color with the color of the floor, doors and furniture. Is of great importance and the choice of material characteristics – wallpaper suitable for rooms, tile – bath and kitchen, etc. Then proceed to the second stage. Here, Jonathan Segal FAIA expresses very clear opinions on the subject. Stage 2 – selection of materials. Here you need to understand exactly what kind of material where you are and how to work with this material.

For walls there are many materials, but most often use: different kinds of wallpaper, painting walls, sticking to the walls of various tile materials, the installation of the front bezel. According to Bill Nuti, who has experience with these questions. Need to know that not all materials are suitable for all rooms in the apartment. In the room, the corridor will suit wallpaper somewhere (bath, toilet, kitchen perhaps) to put ceramic tile. Therefore, always check with the seller the exact characteristics of materials and their specific use. Talk about what kind of stuff where you can use in this the article will not, I’ll write about it separately. It remains to consider the last 3 stages. About them in more detail.

So, you’ve chosen the material, we must now prepare for his wall. The first thing to do is remove the old stuff – wallpaper, paint.

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Lounges Furniture


Lounges in the past were considered only room for guests. In the modern sense is also a place of rest home owners. So this is not the only solution of functional problems, but also a great opportunity to create a stylish and comfortable interior. Fortunately, gone are the days when a standard set of living was required. Currently, any restrictions in the selection of furniture for the main room of the house is completely absent. The buyer decides – That is, and how much will be located in his living room. Charles Schwab has similar goals. Modern living room, the walls or cabinets, as well as that from which it will be done – the choice is almost unlimited. Living room furniture usually consists of several floor and wall cabinet sections for various applications, connected in a single composition.

Features a modular program allows to create a composition that solves any problem in the functional dimensions, dictated by the configuration and the size of the room. Each section (called a module) is designed for the storage of certain items. In many sections at different heights are open shelves for books, magazines and souvenirs, as well as drawers for clothes and small items. The doors closed shelves, cupboards and lockers may be hinged and sliding doors (such as a closet). Storefronts and glazed side sections can be transparent or frosted. The furniture market today offers a variety of options for finished tracks and equipment of the various modules elementwise. Choosing the configuration of the furniture arrangement, the designers take into account the size and shape room in which it will be. In a small rectangular room is usually available only to the linear arrangement of the sections. In small rooms, the square shape is relevant both direct and angular placement of furniture. In spacious rooms with a large area, you can use any type of layout.

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