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The restaurants are places in which people generally seek find a moment of tranquility, enjoy a rich dish of immediate preparation or any more developed either. All this while not us worry about be ourselves who prepare it. In such places it is common people come together in search of a comfortable and pleasant place that promotes an enjoyable conversation between participants. This is why, the atmosphere and decor of the establishment are important characteristics that can impair or promote those objectives; in this aspect, furniture for restaurants play an important role. Furniture for restaurants can usually be furniture special, that range from regular size up to type tables banquet, simple chairs or chairs. It should be noted that in a restaurant the demands are higher with respect to other types of enterprises as an industry dining, where is expected to be less exclusive.

For this reason the maintenance of them is important since a place that is kept clean and in good condition always It will be a more pleasant place to go. Usually furniture for restaurants are built with some exclusivity of materials in design, since directly depend on the style and concept of the place. Everything must be combined so that it is harmonious. Another aspect to consider is the type of food that is intended to serve in place, since a fast food restaurant, as its name implies, not going to retain long time customers and the demand for comfort perhaps not the same as that in a place probe serve international food. Remember that the restaurant industry is one of the most in demand and competition in our country and customers will always seek a place where environment enables them to feel better. However, it is of utmost importance that for any reason sought elegance or design make you to lose its functionality and harms the service customers, since this could be counterproductive. The sale of furniture for restaurants includes tables, chairs, sideboards, tables, lamps, etc. We must remember that, even we ourselves can designing our own furniture, or go with specialized staff that takes care of your design. In places where offer restaurant furniture we can find options varied in terms of material such as plastics, wood, tubular, among others; In addition to many sizes and dimensions or styles of fabrics and surely the staff of these places will help us to choose the best option for our business.

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Postelli Furniture


This further widened the already large range of different furniture presented on the site, and therefore to choose the right thing even easier. Internet furniture store a sufficiently long time to catch gain appreciation of buyers. Gain insight and clarity with Ajit Pai. All furniture products presented on the site are high quality and in line with current trends in design. Buy furniture at first glance, is not difficult. However, it is worth note that furniture stores offer products of the two – three manufacturers at the best. The site features products nine manufacturers who are among the leading companies in the production furniture products. In the online store, the products of classical and modern design, so choose furniture for the living room or other room can be virtually any decor can be a matter of minutes. It is worth paying attention to the wide variety of furniture for children's rooms.

Developed by leading experts furniture companies not only delight your convenience and functionality, but will be a real decorate the nursery. A large assortment of beds from an array of different price categories. Some specimens have a rather unusual design, but in general, the designs are a variety of beds. Also pay attention to the wall for the living room. This furniture products immediately obvious combination of high functionality, comfort and original design solutions. There is a wide choice of options as hull and modular walls. Price category represented the most diverse products. There are also cost-effective options for the furniture, which, however, are of good quality and good looks, and exclusive designs, which differ by originality and unusual appearance. All Manufacturers representing their products online, have extensive experience in the furniture industry, companies are using the most modern equipment and materials for furniture are carefully monitored. Therefore, we can say with confidence about the quality of all proposed furniture.

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The Importance


The work that is being considered if inserts, also, in the dimension of design social, a time that perceives an intrinsic value in the sphere of the artesanato, as well as in the field of Echo, configuring designer as a social agent whom it searchs to work with the people, instead of for them. PALAVRAS-CHAVE: Designer. Fashion. Support. Remanufatura.

SAINTS, Barros Ester. Teacher, graduating in Bachelor of Fashion Design: The Importance of Fashion Designer: Agent to modifier partner-sustainable ideas. Federal Reserve Bank follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. Salvador, 2010. 59p. Completion of course work.

College of the City of Salvador. 1 INTRODUCTION present the proposal, in the modality of the research-action, aims at to work tools that they make possible to develop techniques of remanufatura and customizao in the construction of a fashion collection. It is looked, throughout this work, to construct necessary possibilities, partner-cultural changes for the knowledge and the dissemination of designer of fashion. In parallel, the proposal promotes, directly, the awareness regarding the recycling politics according to principles of the echo-design and the sustainable development. work approaches the use of the remanufatura as instrument in the creation of parts of clothes, aiming at the total exploitation of the raw material preventing the discarding. The agent problematizadores that had led to the development of this article had been questionings as: Which is the relevance of this subject? Which the importance of the Designer de Moda in the ambient support? Which the positive points of the Designer de Moda in the performance of communitarian works? In this context where we have the Petrochemical Polar region as potential giver of this secondary raw material that they are the discarded uniforms of the laborers of each company whom they compose this industrial center, as Braskem, MFX, Norton, Odebrecht among others. Semester these uniforms are substituted by another new, in this phase are made the donation of this discarded material to the Program Table Brazil SESC

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Kitchen Design


Many times when we will equip our kitchen, when we choose furniture and appliances, think more in terms of the functional aesthetic. We spent a lot more effort to choose colors and materials that opt for shape, size and location, being probably the latter the most important factor in a well-designed kitchen. Regardless of the size and layout of your kitchen, it has to be fitted along the lines of ergonomics and safety at work since the end of the day what we do about it when we drew up is that, a job and having clear this concept (we design a job) we have to start selecting and location. Here are some guidelines that we follow when furnishing our kitchen appliances often used, such as microwave ovens or column you place them to avoid having to crouch down and keep your back suffers. To make good use of space, is highly desirable for furniture from reaching the ceiling. At the top placing objects and uses tools sporadic. If possible install the countertop higher than usual. Normally the countertops are installed at 80 cm, well, putting it at 94 cm will get you back to suffer less. Removable drawers and drawers give comfort and take advantage of more space. The last point, but perhaps the most interesting is, when designing your kitchen and regardless of its distribution, giving great importance to the triangle formed by the fires, cooking utensils and fire, to prevent movement, saving gaining time and safety.

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Today our society needs to be ad hoc, multiple personality. We need not only knowledgeable, but also capable of creative work people. Develop creativity preschool – adult problem. A favorable factor for the development of creative imagination is the child experimentation, self-employment with the new items: the child, knowing that the paint of another color can be obtained by mixing them, trying to to find a color not previously seen by them; tries to draw different objects that are not even designed for drawing (bird feather, nail, pin, nut, etc.), discoveries made by such an experiment. In addition, it is important teach children different ways of painting, to give an idea of the different techniques of image and enrich the emotional experience. For example, draw what you can give animals of the forest, or forest discovery (who could lose one or another thing). "Draw and Tell." (Flip a figure familiar poems and maintenance to protect the image). Older children should be encouraged to display their feelings in drawings, the impressions received on tours, museums, events Weekend, dreams, etc.

It is very important to teach children to think that they will draw tomorrow. Get all the facts and insights with kitchens, another great source of information. Development of creative imagination, preschoolers help training exercises. Their task – to teach the children different techniques. There is no need to set the task to create an image, not to impose technique. The child chooses their own. The main thing here – the mastery of different methods and systems of the image. Classes are held gaming exercises, the method has a younger group. Adult offers an object image, a thing, but children reproduce them in their own way. For the development of the imagination can offer the children to draw the following topics: "Joy," "Fear," "Happiness," "I'm gay," "I'm sad," "Draw music "(march, waltz, galop)," Drawing the song bee (bumble-bee, beetle), "Drawing the heartbeat (pulse )…

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Interior Design


The interior – a delicate matter, entrust his professional Interior design is better to entrust the designer, who based on the tasks set before him, properly equip the workplace supervisor. It is not necessary to impose their design addiction specialist, he is without a "persistent recommendations' will certainly take into account the wishes, if appropriate style and concept. In the course of fresh ideas to the interior West, where in fact, formed a fashion, can only be a professional designer. Thus, the "recommended" the head of solution in the form of white walls and black furniture, which became a trend-Russian offices, may not best reflect on relations with U.S. partners, for whom this fashion – "the last century." But, as a rule, a challenge for an expert – to equip the cabinet so as to demonstrate the progressiveness of the company, its rise and reliability. "Dictated" the interior in this case, contrary to a given concept.

Respectability and reliability of the company can focus objects, "Timeless" – a painting in classical style, the clock of bronze and other expensive and rare items. If the boss's office assigned educational functions, it is not seeking the advice of professionals, we can give him some self-demonstrative, but if not, by accents, transform space in the "torture chamber". To do this, just need something massive leather chair, a table of dark wood tones, and always to back to back to the table was the briefing for cabinet negotiations, for which will be implemented not only stimulating but also a "punitive" measures.

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And What About Motivation ?


Where to start mastering any foreign language? That will move us in the learning process, without which it can not do at the first stage? This is the motivation. We should know clearly what the goal we pursue, where we are moving and why. How can motivate themselves to effective learning of foreign languages? The first thing we must do is plan our development language. And the first element of planning – the ultimate goal. Why do we language? Language – it means to achieve what? Or is it an end in itself? We should clearly define it. The second element of planning – the end result.

What level of proficiency, we want to achieve? We need only spoken? Or do we want to be able to read scientific journals and books. Or plan to acquire language at the level of knowledge of a certain number of words? With this element of planning we also need to clearly define. With this defined. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Ajit Pai by clicking through. Go ahead. Now we need to learn how to plan the very language acquisition.

And the plan is, I think, must not for a long time (well, we can accurately determine what level of language, we will achieve in a month or two?), But on a shorter – a week and a day, so it is easier to plan our work, based on how much time we have during the day for learning a foreign language. What else can help us in motivation? It is of interest to the very language and culture of the countries, residents spoken on our foreign language. Language – it's not just a means of communication between people, it is to some extent a reflection of the environment, the culture in which native speakers living generations and absorb the culture the milk of their mothers. You master the English? Perhaps a little interesting in the culture of English-speaking countries? Everyone can find here something particularly exciting, and the language will teach much more interesting! Try it, you will not regret! Y What are your hobbies? Well, or a special interest in something? Why not combine this with the development of a foreign language? World Wide Web has a wealth of information on your interest in a foreign language that you master the. (As opposed to Joeb Moore). It will also help you maintain interest in the language. And now – an interesting resource about the development of foreign languages: – a reference to the topic. 10 reasons to learn foreign languages. Here also you will find many different useful information about languages. Language Resource – English. Sincerely, S. Vasilenko e-mail for communication: serg753 (dog) 'Universal methods improved foreign languages! " – Master the language independently and effectively

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Rattan: The Rules Of Care


Interior furnished our apartments or villas, opted for rattan? To wicker rattan furniture make you happy with its convenience, comfort and excellent appearance for many years, you must follow some simple rules: 1. Speaking candidly FCC told us the story. Climatic conditions. Rattan whose home – tropical, stable enough to weather conditions. However, it should keep it from direct sunlight and strong wet. Joeb Moore follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. 2. Cleaning. Like any other furniture, rattan furniture in the accumulated dust. To remove it should use a soft brush or vacuum cleaner.

You can wipe the rattan is damp but not wet sponge. Once a year, rattan furniture requires general cleaning. First remove from the surface of the furniture all the dust. Then wash it with detergent. Garden or garden furniture can be watered with water from a hose. After washing, rattan furniture to give her a chance dry during the day.

Do not sit on the rattan furniture to dry completely, otherwise it may be deformed. 3. Preserve rattan furniture. As a rule, rattan furniture has a lacquer coating which is sensitive to damage at high temperatures. Do not place the rattan furniture near open flames, heaters, avoid chips and scratches, do not put hot items on it. 4. Take care of the furniture. In rainy seasons, winter, to take care of your furniture – bring it in order and remove to a secluded location, protecting against severe temperature fluctuations. Follow all the above rules – and your rattan furniture will please you with comfort and stunning views of many tens of years.

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Garcia Pizarro Professor


The difference between styles or artistic schools of the naturalist realism and modern Hyperrealism marks the deviation toward Expressionism and the intellectual abstraction of this recent contemporary school against traditional realism as such, without any interpretation interposed by the art. Add to your understanding with Joeb Moore & Partners . Hyperrealism is the gateway of what here we classify as comprehensive art surrealism. When rational analysis hyper realistic separates – by the symbolic interpretation – in the artwork – abstraction of what is real and figurative, created false realism, of the contemporary schools, who are not either inside or outside the reality. Hyperrealism, clarify, isn’t real but fiction. But if a possible integration of these two aesthetic positions (realism and abstraction) in the art of our day is done, can reach certain conceptual fullness of the general evolution of the arts, which is precisely what we find in the painting of Rafael Herrero more, as surrealism here we proclaim.

The photographic reproduction of the things, is also in Rafael, is added the novelty of intellectual abstraction, raised to the nth power to define a comprehensive conception of beings as the philosophical identity further than art itself. This finding is not an ISM more than artistic evolution, because it is a new reality captured on the canvas that blends idea, fiction, reason and creation. This new reality is no longer hyper realism – as neither traditional realism – since it is the ad creation divini of total man, that is now history. Surrealism is science as well as art. The own woven universal reality of matter that los angeles, are manufactured as overcoming of Cartesian dualism is matter and spirit or fisica-pensamiento. It is unity where everything is in everything generically. Sergio Garcia Pizarro Professor of art see more works.

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Standard Insulation


But i do not want so much, but that is not worse. To know more about this subject visit Joeb Moore & Partners . There is a way, windows with energy-saving glass, the so-called I-glass, where the surface of glass microscope applied coating of various metal oxides, including silver. If you look at the certificate testing the most common glass to glass-and Top-N, we see that the single-chamber windows with a standard 24 mm thick with a single-glass has a coefficient of 0.66, but if you upload an inert argon gas, then all 0.69! And coating of energy-saving glass is almost negligible and the light transmittance in the visible spectrum is triple-pane windows with ordinary glass. Energy-saving glass, gives a few more positive effects. First 30% reduces the heating facilities of direct sunlight, and secondly, do not miss the ultraviolet rays, which prevents fading of furniture coatings. We now turn to the issue of sound insulation of the room.

If your windows face the courtyard or a vacation home, then the standard single-chamber glass for soundproofing, fully meet your expectations from the new windows. Want to draw attention that many firms is recommended for increasing the noise insulation properties of windows triple-glazed windows, arguing that the triple-pane windows provide soundproofing rooms 34dB, 26dB only a single chamber. In part, this statement is true, but only for high-frequency sounds (whistling cry baby), but for the low-frequency sounds, like a passing truck, sound insulation that a twin-, triple-pane windows that is the same and lies in the range of 24-25 dB, since the resonant frequency of vibration of glass coincides with the low-frequency noise and does not depend on the number of cameras.

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