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Free trial week in the artistic folk high school from 14 to 19 February 2011 on February 14 in the spring semester 2011 starts the artistic folk high school (KVH) up to 190 courses, weekend workshops and lectures in arts and culture. To provide insight into the course events and varied of the KVH all aficionados, can in the first week of the course every man and every woman free of charge a taste to your heart’s content and try out. From 14 to 19 February a picture of portrait, Act, various techniques (such as watercolor, oil and acrylic) painting, printing, jewelry design, sculpture, ceramic, Tiffany, just a few to mention furniture restoration and fabric design can make themselves and people who want to be creatively active, visit the courses from the wide range of the KVH. With experienced and competent teachers to a page that are also art professionals are the participants. They provide the positive and stimulating atmosphere, an individual allows for artistic development. (Final) Questions: Like artistic folk high school.

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With the new 3D-Wunschhaus architect 5.0 Home Edition and PLUS bhv software sets a success format new to Kaarst, May 9, 2008 without knowledge of CAD, the software creates the desired apartment floor plans including interior design. Apartment in 3D can be represented, turned, and passes through with one mouse click. The day – and night views, including the simulation of light during the day, give a realistic impression of the dream apartment. The contained object catalog offers a large selection of furnishings, textures, and colors for the planning of interiors – including new and high-quality 3D objects and textures. Check with Jeffrey Lacker to learn more. By simple drag & drop”, pulled wallpaper on walls and furniture in the rooms is placed.

The object browser is infinitely extensible through the new 3DS-Importfilter. The 3D-Wunschhaus architect 5.0 PLUS offers not only all the housing Edition. The software also creates the very personal dream house from the basement to the roof – including all objects and electrical and sanitary installations. More than 1,300 objects, wallpaper and furniture to the stereo system, provide a realistic impression. The finished object can be committed by internal and external virtual and admired. Key facts ideal for the remodeling and furniture complete interior design in 2D and 3D mode, from the furniture to the wallpaper and floor coverings in various catalogues detailed 3D visualization walking through the rooms in real time day and night view zoom feature and free rotation of animated objects new highly exclusive 3D objects and textures updated interface in the 3D-Touch updated estimate planning entire houses from the cellar to the roof possible * * only in the 3D-Wunschhaus architect 5.0 PLUS contact: Publisher: bhv Software GmbH Novesiastrasse 60 D-41564 Kaarst Buttgen phone: 02131/765-01 fax: 02131/765-101 Web: review copies and information for the press: bhv software Rene Bernard PR Manager telephone: 02131/765-141 fax: 02131/765-101 E-Mail: about bhv software: bhv software is a He leading software publishers in Germany and market leader in the field of educational software. For over 20 years, bhv success-rich marketed products for the PC and mobile devices.

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Be The Man!


Think of a tree in the forest. If this tree is handled by a Carpenter, then this Carpenter from this tree is rooms a beautiful piece of furniture, where someone else can be used. But imagine times, there is no Carpenter, what will become of this tree? Maybe a piece of wood, another use for its own purposes or use, may burn, or destroy. As is also the man. He got not the necessary education, knowledge of his upbringing to become a person, he will recognize himself or his skills never. He will build his own ego, what will lead him anyway in an unfortunate way.

He will engage in other ideologies and think he is on the right track. His mind is snatched away from him.He must say that then, like a record what you taught him. He will be an unconscious slave and see only his worldly goals. With new and empty hopes he will want to motivate themselves, but nevertheless he will find no meaning for his life. He is a whole His long unhappy life, destroy themselves and others consciously or unconsciously with his approach to life. The poem in the article man be man you’re supposed to understand the meaning of life consciously go your own way, you identify yourself as a human being and not run away from yourself.

You’re supposed to remove the templates you should look to clear the world your life is not easy and cheap to detect it, was just willing. Your actions make sense must be es a person is not easy to be with patience and rest you shall be that evil in you to convert the good. With power, beauty and eternal wisdom you gain your own freedom in you the will, for it anyway what you is woken up only with God’s love.

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