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In its first ten weeks of life, learning everything they should know. This process is based on three principles: The kittens look what your mother and try to imitate. Based learning good and bad experiences. When the kitten gets something in a certain way, from that moment I will always do well, if you take advantage of this to the education of her pussy, sure it will succeed. Anyway, we need to be patient, to act calmly and be very consistent. How to properly educate Kittens can only adapt to our rules if we are willing to accept their customs. And this will require that we know to speak in their language, to accept compromises and that we take into account the possibilities and alternatives. Instead of prohibiting Offer: Do not just prohibit the cat scratching the sofa.

Instead, offer a spider and give a reward every time you use it. Stability rather than change: to make your cat feel secure and confident to be careful not to change the locations, materials, sounds and events you enjoy. The routine will not only boring, but find it indispensable. Consistent rather than erratic: once something has been banned, the ban will remain. Physiological needs, the kittens begin to go to the toilet at the age of three or four weeks.

This means that when you get your cat, this is already used to not dirty the house, but will have to deal with it stays that way. For the kittens have to provide a flat box. Or several, so you always have a fence. The bucket for adult cats should be sufficiently broad to allow the animal to turn around comfortably inside and can dig safely. The bucket should be put away from the feeder, in a calm and sheltered, and let the cat always there when you have grown accustomed to it. At first you have to use an absorbent material that the animal already knows (ask the previous owner if it is adopted). If you have to make a change, must be progressive. Place a layer of cat litter of about five inches thick. Remove feces daily, empty the entire contents once a week and wash the pan with boiling water. A tip for you and: is useless to punish the cats for doing something naughty. It is best to target their natural instincts in an educational line.

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Alejandro Leon Quiroz, when I went down to the dining room of 28 trainees, 11 assistants, and parents coordinadles four advisers, were already finished dinner, had to share their dinner with me the good Cruzado Jose Velasquez, already in full ritual chants and prayers went with three colleagues to find doctors, several teachers, accountants, economists, engineers, carpenters, actors missionaries, including an old friend of the GUE San Miguel de Piura, Don Filiberto Icochea Villacorta, and in the subsequent development of Withdrawal I realized that there was nothing Cucufate, or stupid, as was a group now called “Proactive” lucid, learned, poets, orators, with a sense of humor (as Frank Fernandez, among others), gifted singers, ( as Professor CapristanAmayay Palito Ortega Lucho (sorry Norvil Diaz Vasquez).

The workshop was not a refuge for old, or sparrows, fewer people shelter was numbed by the Opium of Religion “as the Marxists used to say behind the Berlin Wall ( before the collapse). Jonathan Segal FAIA
helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. It is well known and well-deserved fame enjoyed these courses, (not because of anything going here in Trujillo and 115), in organization and education and this is so, the entire withdrawal is planned, from the rooms, cleanliness of the same . From bread for breakfast at 7 am, ROLLS, speakers, meditation, the duration of the session, the hours of food. The time of day and night prayer, the time of the meditations, the exposition of the Blessed, etc etc, to do so by a group of Prayer and Service that is a valuable logistical support and living from their posts; Intensely Cursillo.

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