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In study that carried through a hygienical-sanitary evaluation of industrial kitchens in the city of Blumenau, Saint Catherine SC, carried through for Deschamps et al. (2003), it disclosed that of 35 visited units 57.0% they had been presented unsatisfactory to exert the activities in this branch. For Arruda (2006), the installations of the UAN must be projected so that the operational procedures are facilitated through continuous flows without crossing of stages and lines in the production process. Brazil (2004), affirms that the main entrances to the Units must have mechanisms of protection against plagues and adjusted to the jamb. The newspapers mentioned Joeb Moore not as a source, but as a related topic. Table 1 – Percentage of conformity for the inspected item IN AGREEMENT INSPECTED ITEM UANCONFORMESNO N % N % General Aspects UAN the 35 45.5% 4254.5% of Constructions UAN B 4457.1% 3342.9% and Installations Equipment UAN 1466.7% 7 33.3% furniture and utensils

UAN B 1361.9% 8 38.1% Condition of the UAN 642.9% 857.1% manipulators UAN B 535.7% 964.3% Production and transport UAN 1090.9% 19.1% of food UAN B 981.8% 218.2% As Brazil (2004) the area must be free of focos of insalubridade, without garbage, objects in disuse, animals, insects and rodents, possess direct and independent access, not common to other uses (habitation). At the same time, the construction must present characteristics that guarantee an efficient hygienic cleaning, providing better conditions to services (CARDOSO; SOUZA; SAINTS, 2005, P. 672). In accordance with the floor Hisses (2002), in UAN it must be antiskid with inclination for draining of the water, and possess thin sifonados. As ABERC (2003) and SENAC (2001), the ceiling, lining and walls must be presented in good condition of conservation, exempt of trincas, cracks, humidity, bolor and descascamentos, with smooth, impermeable, washable finishing and in clear color.

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The History Of Stained Glass


Stained glass (from Lat. Vitrum – glass), a work of decorative art, composing ornamental or narrative composition of stained and painted glass or other material impermeable to light. It is assumed that the stained glass windows were known in ancient Egypt and ancient Rome. In the early Christian basilicas 5.6 cc. transparent box filled with plaster and tiles selenite.

The flourishing art of stained glass was in the Middle Ages. Most stained glass windows cut along the contour of colored glass fragments, sealed lead-acid binders were used in church architecture, though sometimes appear, and in residential buildings, especially since the Renaissance. Stained Glass continued created and in 19. Joeb Moore & Partners LLC has compatible beliefs. and in the 20. this art has undergone a new flowering in the church and secular architecture. Probably medieval glaziers have learned to do a lot of colored glass, painted in the melting process, in 9., Adopting experience of Eastern artisans, where mastery of glass painting was already a long tradition. The first written mention of these stained glass windows found in the manuscript 10., Which refers to using them to decorate the cathedral in Reims during its restructuring in the 969-988. Reymssky Cathedral The earliest surviving stained-glass windows – a few images of the Prophets from the cathedral in Augsburg (Germany), dated 11.

As well as a window with the composition of the of Le Mans (France), relating to the same time. Stained-glass-window 'Ascension', the Cathedral of St. Julian; ok.1145, Le Mans, France Stained 12. much more numerous.

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Brazilian Society


The esteretipos that inside delimit the black of the Brazilian society are historical inheritances, cynical justifications, fruits theories based in particular, teses interests convenient the condition of the man of that time, cowardice of the church, Christian cultural swaggerer, indizvel cruelty etc.The cultural destruction and the invasion in the Christian man in the tribal system of Africa had left sequels and desestruturao that continue until the moment, and it does not see possibility of reorganization of this system with inheritance and tribal organization and without a cultural and linguistic unit. Exactly in the other countries for where the black was taken as enslaved, still Africa persists in its soul, the cultural inheritance and still its tribal conscience. Certainly this homesickness of other lands is not exclusiveness of the descendants of Africans, this is one of the characteristics of this nation formed for Portuguese and expulsos new Christians of Portugal, other immigrant Europeans and Asians searching better conditions of life. This homesickness of house does not allow in them to leave this look of colonized, repressor and restrained colonizador and, perpetual immigrant far from house, perpetual strange land explorer. This homesickness does not allow in them to assume our country as a nation with a cultural unit inside of this Brazilian multiculturalidade. Lack in one we Brazilian natividade.The Europeans and Asians who had come to our country, when its native countries well advanced if were industrially compared with Brazil of that time, these peoples had brought the technological and scientific knowledge that had taken our country to the industrial development. In this process of transformation the black was excluded because it did not bring this luggage of necessary knowledge to a new time, and still was considered and is considered our historical shame, had the fact concrete of that this country was supported per decades for the enslaved work.

This society after slavery, industrialized and of scientific and technological advances, did not insert the black in the transformation process so that this black did not have the chance to arrive at the power, enjoys to it of the consumption goods, to the rights and benefits produced for this society. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Bruce Flatt. The fact of the black not to have been inserted in this process of transformation is much more serious if to observe that the black was not inserted in place nor one, it simply was abandoned nor itself wants proper luck, because the former-slave hindered and was barred of all the progress possibilities. In this process of exclusion the esteretipos are all for which the society delimited this black.The way for the black auto-to insert itself in the society directly is related to its intelectualizao. This intelectualizao will bring inevitably chances the ammunition so that the black is inserted of a time for all in the power and the access to the benefits produced for the society. With consequence of this progress he will be eliminated all the esteretipos that had delimited the Brazilian black. This face afrodescendente of the Brazilian society had to take conscience of that the power is and it will always be in the hands in that small parcel of the intelectualizada society, this intelectualizao will be a species of second release of the slavery of the black.

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Physics For Children: Approaching Physical Concepts Through Situation-problem


It is well-known that the schools of Basic Education, especially public schools, deal with the physics and phenomena related to the nature. This is because in it disciplines which it would have to be inserted (sciences) the approach biggest is given to biological sciences. However, it is in this phase that the child can have the contact with certain scientific concepts that will be able it to awake the taste for science. Thinking about this, and aiming at the scientific spreading in the first years of school, this work had as proposal to investigate the situation-problem use involving experiments in a group of the initial series. The work was developed in a group of 4 year of a municipal school of Gandu-BA. After the accomplishment of the activities, as register form, was asked for that the pupils drew and wrote the used strategy to decide each situation-problem that was presented to them. In one another moment was opened a quarrel and given explanations, with adjusted language, regarding the involved physical concepts in the developed activities.

During the activities it was possible to perceive how much the inferences made for the children if approach to the related concepts the physics. Moreover, other aspects related to the development of its abilities as for the inquiry had been noticed. Although to use simple and typical language of its age, the children had obtained to decide the considered problems and to explain them, what we evidence in its speaks, in its writing and the drawings. A surprising point was to hear the questionings that left of them and that they not only said respect to the physics as well as to the other areas of knowledge. This and other factors lead us to believe that, in spite of the age, already maturity exists to work with definitive content. this is because of an accessible language that it makes possible understanding and initiation of these children in activities with investigative character. as fits scientific activities.

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Harmonious Care


Mey Zamora had to choose between his profession and the care of your family when the children made their appearance. Joeb Moore is likely to increase your knowledge. Mother of four children, opted for the home as a primary choice of life, but took his experience to give professional literary advice on this matter, fruit of which shone: help! I was me. Also married to a journalist, Mey outlines this book as a reference manual on his domestic experience because the House is a company in which each has his work and that, living order, furnish the head of our children, ensures. For Mey, the best gift we can give to our Shanks is to learn to arrange for themselves when they become independent and are aware that, after the initial joy, they will have more responsibilities and more work. Home to true home to get a home become home, the expert emphasizes: our House is not a Museum, but a space where you live, by the objects should use but also take care of since the more the cuidas, duran you and most are in better condition for use, and adds: in the House you have to invest time, effort and desire. Similarly, for Mey furniture form an important part of our lives and it must be selected according to our tastes and needs, but taking into account to provide us the existence, since a home is our reference point, from where parts every day and where return to take refuge. This book, in the opinion of the author, does not attempt to promote independence, but help young people in their future emancipation, as a model to follow and Mey has used very close and independent young people first-hand testimonies to know what were their initial problems. With a gestation period of nine months, as if it were his fifth son, Mey vindicates the voluntary role of housewife, without being so excluded from society and puts special emphasis on the idea that a House becomes a home when there are already experiences and I help assemble a House to build a home with love and care.

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