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It is said that art is a process of experimentation rather than fact. a broad semiotic criticism, moralizing repetition or transmitted, in this case, images. What is really characteristic of the exposure, what gives it its identity, the game ends expressive: David Lachapelle has many messages for the public, but plays with them in two particular ways that are so obvious that borders on the pragmatic and the resort to such an extent that almost falls into the surreal. Although these terms may actually be a little wrong, as neither pragmatic nor surrealist work described Lachapelle, the idea is how, through their aesthetic decadent show us what our world either directly or forcing you to think. Consumerism, fanaticism, idolatry and other erroneous messages in a society are printed on paper, when recorded permanently in the Photographer’s digital film. Still, this does not detract from the aesthetic of his creations. The colors are a repetitive and endlessly exploited in the works in this exhibition Lachapelle. Bright colors, harmonies class visual and degraded are just some of the elements that give new meaning to the expression of “painting with light.” Also, part of the theatrical art. In towards the baroque spirit, the exhibition presents an excess of ornamentation and a theatricality so exacerbated that, taken together, create a strong magnetism for the viewer’s eye can be lost in the expressions of the characters and try to find their way back into the saturation of the pictures. Yet, leaving aside some exercise in semantics and landing on its own aesthetic perceptions of the exercise of the picture, we can find plenty of material for analysis.

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Spanish Furniture Panamar, Vicent Montoro At Wholesale Prices


Company 'Finamar: Spanish Furniture' offers the lowest retail prices in Moscow furniture factories leading Spanish Panamarev (Panamar); Finamar (Finamar), Mobaks (Mobax), Vicente Montoro (Vicent Montoro). Factory MUEBLES PANAMAR SL was founded in 1973 and deals with the most beginning of the production and sale of individual pieces of furniture in the classic, neoclassic and modern style. Infrastructure factory occupies 30,000 m2 of which 24.000 m2 are allocated to the production of our products and the remaining 6,000 m2 designed as a warehouse, which is available virtually complete range of catalog in all standard colors that can meet the needs of our partners on our product quality, and speed execution of orders. Continuous improvement of quality-price ratio allowed MUEBLES PANAMAR SL to become one of the leading Spanish manufacturers of auxiliary furniture, with a large share of exports of its products and plans to increase it in coming years. In the 90s there was a demand for furniture made of solid pine and in 1995 the company was born MUEBLES FINAMAR SL, range is constantly expanded and supplemented. Currently in production based on a modular program and hallways. We develop our own designs in such lines as commodes, consoles, mirrors, coffee tables, cabinets and TV Hi-Fi, obuvnitsy, offices, secretaries at the highest possible quality. Range increased with each year, both through new models, and by the appearance of new lines.

For our production we use materials produktsiimy top quality beech own dry, natural veneer cherry, walnut, wheat. In the manufacturing process uses the latest technology with digital control for quick and more efficiently the execution of orders. Our products are hand picked and then passes control to lakopokraskoy to ensure quality of materials used. To ensure the quality of the process we use lakopokraski the latest technology, "Cabin Pressure" to maintain humidity, cleanliness and a constant temperature regardless of the time , at all stages of the process of drying of our products. The Spanish factory Mobaks (Mobax): wall units, bedrooms, hallways, cabinets, dressers, coffee tables, cabinets, windows, corner windows, living room, mirrors, hangers, racks, bookshelves cabinets, chests, tables, dining, desks, library chairs.

Elite Spanish furniture factory Vicent Montoro, made of solid wood and natural wood veneer: walnut, olive, beech, ash, cherry and other pulsatile The factory is famous for his skilful handling of the tree and creating beautiful textures and interesting patterns that led to the Spanish elite furniture Vicente Montoro, resembling more the art, rather than just furniture. Cover varnish, as well as gold leaf are applied by hand with a pattern that gives each model, exclusivity and uniqueness. The factory has always been famous for handmade artists and craftsmen. Color: (nut – Leg – Nogal – Walnut), (walnut root – rais – Raiz), (cherry – in – Serezo – Cherry), (mahogany – Caoba – Mahogany), (ivory-blanco-wite) As well as a joint Russian-Spanish enterprises' Dana '(Dana): a series of' Paris '(Paris),' Vienna '(Viena),' Atlanta '(Atlanta),' Empire '(Imperia). Free shipping firm, lift. Warranty – 2 goda.Vsegda everything is available, payment for the furniture upon delivery and sborki.Dostavka and Build is made within 1-2 working days, or by the zakazchika.Prodazha from a warehouse in Moscow without a trade margin, wholesale, retail, delivery in Moscow and St. Petersburg, the shipment to the regions.

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