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Check Before Change


Already have the date to release what will be your new home, before that nothing congratulations by the change, will probably open before thee an endless number of possibilities in your space to inhabit. Following the move there are some aspects to take care of, below we list them for you. Visit the residence of destination prior to the change, cleaned and left everything prepared for your arrival. Is there gas in house? Facilities, hoses and connections are secure? Do not forget to supply the gas before moving, make sure there are no leaks smearing a little soapy water in the hoses and connections, if bubbles are created reinstalls the computer, either call an expert. Like the gas there are other services that we must pay before the change, how: light, water, property taxes, phone and cable, of course with the purpose of making less difficult attached to our new space. Sure that all plates are working properly and do not miss any glass, bulb or dampers to visit what will be your new home. It is the washer for the service door? It seeks to measure your furniture and plan the strategy of entry of these perfectly.

Do not go to stay on the street with all your belongings, keep in mind a plan b, should be a delay in the delivery of your new home. One option is to hire a mini wine cellar, for these cases, we recommend you visit. mexstorage. com MX check the general condition of housing to inhabit, seeks to obtain information that will tell you that investing aspects in the future. Ceilings, walls, floors, water faucets, courtyards and installations must be viewed with attention to detail. Remember to prepare snacks for the big day, especially if the trip will be long.

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Always at the time of a move we have the difficult task of thinking where will temporarily put our things. Many times that site should be able to save our belongings for a long period, and because not, to ensure that they remain intact. But not all companies on the market that offer furniture storage service, do so in the same way. Coincidentally in these days I was researching on the Web and I came across a company that offers that service, group amygo, unique partner. Below we will see General characteristics of what they offer: packing, transfer from home, stay and reentrega in address of destination. Transfer and stay. Stay and delivery. Only stay individual containers: wood and metal of different capacities.

Conditioned premises. Storage in separate containers per customer. Disinfection and disinsectisation regular service. Surveillance service 24 hours a day. Regular cleaning service. Perfect conservation. Computerized control. Performs an inventory numbered and detailed, with a copy to the client, of the furnishings that removed from the home and that are held by the company for safe keeping in storage.

In summary, the removals; both are international removals or national removals, always are complicated. Good planning always helps, and if the company that performs the service has trained professionals must be a pure formality which does not generate us no problem. For this reason, those who have no knowledge on the matter, we can begin to emerge the skein.

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