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It must be placed of such form that the head or the feet of (s) the person (s) inside never is watching the door. It is important to be able to see the door and to orient the bed so that our head is aiming towards the north or the east. Nothing must hang upon the bed and they must not underneath have trastos. A good head contributes security sensation. One is due to try not to sleep below the window, but it is not possible to be avoided, because it is important to cover the window with an opaque curtain. 4. – Movable and accessory of the dormitory.

The dormitory furniture is preferable that has cleared borders, because the sharpened angles can bring about discussions and conflicts according to the Feng-Shui. The bed is advisable that is of unique basic wood and, to avoid the excessive individualism and to favor the pair. lessee must be solid and signs, to obtain a stable pair? 4. – Colors and illumination of the dormitory. The walls must be of colors smooth pies and the carpets must be of colors clear to be able to mix itself with the other elements of the dormitory.

The sheets, covers, blankets and pillows (that must be all of natural and nonsynthetic fabrics) also must be of colors pies. Tones of blue, indicated for the protection and the pleasant dreams? Clear orange, bone or brown of low intensity, that helps to create a smooth and relaxed atmosphere. Rose for the love, and to calm the spirit? To avoid the strong colors like red and the yellow? To avoid the black, that can accentuate a tendency to the depression and to sleep badly. 5. – Other recommendations. a) It only uses your dormitory to sleep and to make the love. Indeed, quite often people – between that you can incluirte – uses as the room to see tele, to call by telephone, to work or to study, and to even make gymnastics or to eat. Something that does not correspond for anything with function of the room. b) Clean your dormitory fracuentemente. The dust and the dirt that are accumulated have a very negative effect in chi; they become a load, heavy and suspended, that entails to subtle blockades of different nature in your life. Reason why clean, it sweeps, it passes the vacuum cleaner once per week and you will state the change of your general attitude against the life. c) Ten your Ordered dormitory. The room must be always ordinate, besides ventilated and neither too much it warms up too much nor it fries. It is necessary to avoid to have things by the ground – the disorder is totally against the principles of Feng Shui. More information in: The Blog of the rest original Author and source of the article

State Curricular Lines

Ahead of this, it is basic that the pupil interacts with this globalizado world, where the medias, especially the Internet assume the role in such a way in the communication how much in what he refers to the acquisition of knowledge (YOU MARK, 2010). The domain of a LE, then, if makes essential so that this interaction process (pupil-world) occurs. As one searches carried through for Oliveira (2006) with professors of READ, the importance of the LE, in special the English language, the formation of the pupil, encloses some aspects. The four in prominence are: the acquisition of a LE propitiates access to the culture of another people, access to a new world, contributes for the citizenship formation and as discoursed at another moment, it the pupil in the globalizado world inserts. The knowledge of a foreign language provides to the pupil the direct contact with this foreign culture. This contact with the culture of the other leads the pupil to a perception of its proper one, leading to understand and to accept all the cultural diversity that permeia its context. Thus, being capable of if locating face to the all critically these questions. Such perspective is praised by the National Curricular Parameters: The proportionate distanciamento for the envolvement of the pupil in the use of a different language the aid to increase its autopercepo as human being and citizen.

When understanding another one and its alteridade, for the learning of a foreign language, it exactly learns more on itself and a plural world, marked for different cultural values and diverse ways of organization social politics and (BRAZIL, 1998, p.19). Kept the had ratios, the State Curricular Lines of direction of Foreign Language of the State of the Paran also associate the importance of a LE in the performance in the critical-reflexiva world of active form and. When studying a foreign language, the subject pupil/also learns as to attribute meanings to understand the reality better, from the confrontation with the culture of the other, becomes capable to delineate a contour for the proper identity.

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