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March 19


March 19 .- The U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder and the Homeland Security secretary, Janet Napolitano, will meet with his counterparts from Mexico, the attorney general of the Republuca, Eduardo Medina Mora and Secretary of the Interior, Francisco Gomez Mont, in Cuernavaca, in early April. United States in the coming days to announce new measures to strengthen security along the border with Mexico, says Secretary of Homeland Security, Janet Napolitano, who will be in Mexico in early April.

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PROJECT: ‘Organization for the marketing of quinoa in Huando’.


The project entitled ‘Organization for the marketing of quinoa in Huando’, born from the initiative to develop quinoa producers Huando District of private equity Huancavelica Region and through the efforts of previous public and private institutions of that region, financing so visionary which have fostered good quinoa commercial business loans cultivation in that district. In this context CIDESMA and PROSOLINT SAC with support from the Mind, FONCODES and SWISSCONTSC pose an intervention whose goal is to increase management skills of agricultural producers to realize the marketing Huando quinoa in more profitable markets like the program office of your municipality, by developing training, technical assistance and commercial joint improve leadership and association of producers, besides providing business management tools and business, developing a marketing plan that identifies unsecured loan and east to new markets and marketing objectives in the short term social programs such as that of your municipality. With this intervention we hope to obtain the following results: Promote the associativity and integration of Huando quinoa producers. Increase business management skills and commercial producers Huando quinoa. Increase the capacity for formulation and execution of a sba loan marketing plan Huando quinoa. finance Reducing informality and disorganization of quinoa producers Huando. The micro project is expected to benefit directly and indirectly to 76 farmers to the 380 people who make their families (estimated number of 5 persons per family). The market has been identified as forming the Huando District Municipality, who through their social programs required for this cereal, either in grain or flake. 6000 market is expected kilos (6 TM) commercial loan of quinoa varieties Dulce Salcedo INIA Hualhuas at an average price of S /. 3.00 nuevos soles, hoping to generate S /. 18,000 new soles for 76 families of farmers.

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