Office Relocation

You've ever move? Most likely, yes. And as memories? I'm not about a new place, but about the relocation process. In my memory at least 8 crossings. 3 apartment and 5 office moves. The first was an apartment on their own. Day three were collected and pokovali things and lived out of suitcases, but moving day arrived at a familiar gazelles, and it all began.

The house has 5 floors, and we are naturally at the very top of the elevator in the house no. A hundred times down with bags and bags that the machine that trash, and when his legs gave way already, it's time to make furniture. For life remember molded cabinet of particleboard, as we are not crippled can not imagine. He weighed 350 pounds, and the four of us, with the assistance of neighbors dragged him around hours, resting on each flight. Cabinet leg broken off, polishing scratched, but we were no longer care, if only it ended quickly. And then there were still a washing machine, tables, sofas and other furniture. Yes forgot to say, the new apartment was again on the fifth floor The first office moving, too, were solved on its own. Office furniture, safes, boxes, documentation, samples, products and office equipment.

By the end of the move we were all wet from sweat and dirty like homeless people. Optimism Such transfers do not add. And then finally have the firm engaged in business and household. I just moved again to another apartment.

European Camel

Choosing the material of which must be made your gift, give preference to copper! You will not regret! Continuing the gastronomic theme, I advise you to be sure try oriental sweets. In the uae, they are usually called "Iranian". In abundance you'll find dried apricots, nuts, and, of course, dates. You will not believe, but the uae has shops selling just dates. The range of dates in different forms: the form of jam, syrup, stuffed with nuts.

Supplies the best tidbit for my friends who stayed at home! Emirates will surprise you the number and variety of markets. There are fruit markets, fish markets hardware store I do not Remember to visit the most attractive and beautiful markets – markets in gold! Surely so many treasures in one place you've never seen: the product of 18-22-carat gold, precious stones. You will be able to buy jewelry with colored pearls, luxury boxes for storing valuables. If you are a lover of scents, then you will appreciate the flavors brought from the Emirates. True, local spirits have one feature – they are oil based. Therefore, if their application is to be careful: oil leaves traces on the fabric. Arabian incense "" even during the cold European winter will make you fondly remember your Arab holidays.

Well, well. Let's see what comes to mind when we speak of "Emirates". Hear the melodious sounds "GM-MMI-squares"? Rich Arab men? Or oil rigs? No, I'm not about that. Emirates – it is still not unified, homogeneous state. Here on this subject and a souvenir there. It is called "seven sands. Seven sands – these are small flasks or bottles, inside of which the sand out of all seven emirates. And not just sand, and the unique track made of sand of different colors, which is located in an original way vessel. I am sure that a souvenir of this kind will adorn any room! Sands, Sands. Who's ship of the desert? That's right, a camel. Cute figurines camels will accompany you everywhere. And it is no coincidence. After all, a symbol of the uae is just the camel. Therefore, the camels around the set of all sizes and from all possible materials. Proceed a little further, you will be happy to offer this camel. And now hear how a little boy asks his mother: "Well, buy me , a large and lively!". Mom smiled and began to calm baby, talks to abandon foolish venture: "Well, my dear. But tell me, if we buy a camel, then where would he live here? ". The child, a little reflection, finds a solution: "In the closet, Mom, in the closet!". So, before you acquire personal camel, think about the size and spaciousness of your home cabinet. Suddenly, indeed, fit? " Soon the tale tells, so do not do it soon " – warning us usually at the end of fairy tales. In this case you are not, because, being in the uae, you will know What a wonderful gift you can find here the family and friends, so it be done easily and quickly. Let your fairy tale in the Emirates will be remembered for a long time!

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