Erase Varnish

They are instantly dry and they are much more difficult to exactly cover the surface. For applying varnish to the surface, you can use a brush, swab, roller. Varnish before using better slightly warmed. The number of layers depends on how much gloss you want. Applied layer of paint should be thin, otherwise it does not dries out the inside will remain soft, and your furniture is not able to withstand the position of mechanical load, the surface becomes coated with scratches and dents and will lose its presentation. If you apply the paint to "clean" a tree without a primer gouache, please note that the first varnishing layer will be absorbed completely. So, you will need to cover the surface with varnish at least twice, preferably three.

If you think that after the coating surface was not smooth, gently sand the it. Chip Erase dry (but not in any case not wet) cloth and finished again with liquid paint, diluted with solvent. And, finally, for fans of exotica – 'Watercolor on varnish ' – this method is used in the xiv century for the tree. Well-prepared wood tint stains and furniture blown nitro-lacquer. By drying thereof, the entire surface is rubbed usual signs of garlic. On such a surface can be immediately written as watercolor and oil. After drying, the figure is put a layer of acrylic lacquer, pistachio, and in the end – nitrocellulose lacquer. For those who prefer butter Preparation of wood to start a tree carefully polished.


Decent, but not expensive. Location in this hotel categories suffered some of its remoteness from the center. Perhaps their presence, in the opinion of the owner, and is located almost in the center, but it’s only his opinion. But, nevertheless, a good connection to the center in this category necessarily in the form of subway or tram or bus, or all together, which in Prague is not uncommon, and it is possible to walk to the historic center.

Hotel furniture, perhaps a little behind the modern style. My opinion that distance in Prague is a relative concept and is perfect, sometimes it does not matter whether or not the center, and farther from the center to breathe easier, even though breathed in Prague anywhere good, but this statement is not fully applicable to the outskirts. 3. Not expensive. The hotel’s location is not always convenient, more is always uncomfortable. The path to the center takes a very long time, sometimes more than an hour. A huge number of guests, the low cost of attracting younger people, and when sleep soundly and easily drinkable.

Lack of hygiene seats in the room, that is, they are, but common in the corridor. Staff are not trained, does not speak your language, there are no elementary conditions for normal rest. Noise of the street a constant reminder Your profitability. Breakfast included in all three categories are usually included in the price. For those tourists who think that the hotel is only needed that to sleep the night, this is the most suitable option, although “Sleep” everything is possible, including a purse with documents.

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